North Clear Creek Falls Colorado Long Exposure

This image was taken way way down in the river bottom. It is quite a hike down to the river and most shots are normally taken from the parking lot at the very top of the falls. This is North Clear Creek Falls in the Colorado Rio Grande National Forest, just a short drive away from Creede or Lake City Colorado.

There is also a South Clear Creek Falls and it is a little smaller and farther away down the river. I really like South Clear Creek Falls myself, it is away from the road and harder to get to, but very peaceful.  If you ever have an opportunity to photograph North Clear Cree Falls I would recommend getting there even before sunrise to put some color on the rocks and to give yourself a chance to hike down before the sun is in full blaze.

A tripod is almost a requirement for this one unless you can find a level enough rock to place your camera, without something like that you will not be able to get the flowing milky water as seen above.

Image Specifics

  • Body – Nikon n90s
  • Lens – Nikon 24-120mm
  • Film – Fuji Velvia 50

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