WordPress Updates and Upgrades

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Today was a nice day spent at home. One of those days where you don’t have to go anywhere except stay at home and work. I sat in my office at my computer almost all day (starting at about 5am), but it was a nice day outside and not having to drive anywhere was nice.

WordPress Updates

I started off the day finally taking the plunge into upgrading all of my blogs to the new WordPress 2.5 version. I have never updated to a new version of WordPress throughout the years because of how difficult I thought and heard it was to upgrade the back end system.

I am happy to say that I upgraded about 6 blogs to the new version, and all without any major problems or data loss. This isn’t much of anything you see on the user side, but the back end changes they made were really incredible and I am thrilled with the new version. While I was upgrade all the various code and plugins I went ahead and integrated all the blogs that I currently author so they flow well together and all are now accessible from the navigation bar at the top.

Books and More

We are still trying to catch up with the book orders and listings from being gone the last few weeks. I managed to only carry a few boxes up and down today. I managed to add some new ebay items today along with some consulting work and some updates on Elance.

Animal Visitors

We usually have a wide variety of birds here each day. Yesterday we had several small deer run through the property but today has mostly been these gigantic squirrels we have here. We call them Fox Squirrels but I am not sure of there exact species name. Deborah has now named the new fox squirrel, Bandit (an all white squirrel with a black band around its head), and he (or she, I really wouldn’t know) has taken upon himself to walk through the yard a few time each day.

Everything Else

I was able to get a good 3-4 mile walk in today and even did a small amount of needed yard work so I wouldn’t have to do it this weekend. Off to watch the Braves play the Marlins.

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