Merry Christmas to Everyone on the Top 15 List

I am replacing my normal Monday morning top 15 list with a holiday greeting for everyone this week.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  I have taken some time off writing, as many of the bloggers have, and I am getting ready to gear up for next year. There have been some really interesting articles written over the last and I am going to include those in my normal weekly post on Monday when everything gets ramped back up again. Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful time this week.

Blazer is Home the Sailboat Was Beautiful

And, so are we. He was so happy to leave the vet doggy camp that he barked all the way home and has not moved from his bed since 9am this morning.

Blazer was at doggy camp because Scott and I took a couple of days off to go down to the boat. Blazer turns green on boats so he gets to visit doggy camp instead.

After the Thanksgiving non-event, we were ready to get back down there and hang out, if just for a few days. All of our time was not spent lounging around though. We took advantage of the 80 degree December weather phenomenon to get out to the beach and shoot some video for the upcoming knitting tutorials.

We knitted and filmed and enjoyed the completely deserted beach and just as we were finishing up the video recording for the day, the rain started falling. Heavier and heavier it fell, ushering in a cold front that would bring in incredibly strong winds that would rock the boat all night in it’s slip. Temperatures were in the 30’s the next morning when we awoke.

Unlike our previous boat, however, this boat is quite watertight and has a heater/air-conditioning unit that works beautifully. We stayed warm and dry inside all night while the wind and rocking waves lulled us to sleep.  Now it is time for us to get ready to head to Dallas, TX for Christmas with my family. We are leaving in three days, which means that Blazer gets to return to doggy camp to visit with all his friends again. Since he does not have Aubie here with him any more he has become quite the cling-on and seems to need company 24/7.

Anyway, we are going to be gone about a week and hopefully we can get in some good knitting video recording while we are gone. The Civil War Shawl KAL and the Secret of the Stole II KAL have to be ready to go in January, so it looks like a working Christmas holiday on the road for us.

Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you on the flip-side.

Christmas at a Marina is Beautiful with Light on the Sailboats

Christmas time at a marina is really pretty. All the boats get all dressed up and at night they light up the sky with Christmas lights. Sailboats with masts rising 40 feet above the water line is really a site to see. I can’t imagine how it looks up north where it is so cold there is probably not a sole that wants to step outside, but down here in the Gulf Coast, it is at least bearable (for us that is mid-60’s).

We made it down to the marina tonight just in time to see all the masts with their lights on (our is the one in the middle that has no lights on it at the moment).  Trying to take a photo on a moving platform, in the dark, of lights, is not the easiest thing to do, but you get the idea.  If you have never visited a marina in the winter or during Christmas, it is one of the best times to be there.

Christmas Light on the Marina

Being that I have been a photographer for more than 10 years now I have a hard time adjusting to taking images without a tripod, especially AT NIGHT. But, a tripod does little use on a sailboat that is constantly in motion, so this is the best I could do with hand holding, lights, at night. It was a wonderful site at night.

There were some very strange unique displays as well, but I always love seeing lights to celebrate our Savior’s birth. DK and myself would just assume you leave lights up for Christmas all year round but that doesn’t seems to want to catch on (unless you are really lazy). Maybe we will start a trend.

Christmas Light on the Marina

This display was one of the rather unique ones of the season. This is not a sailboat but a charter boat and yes, that is a Christmas tree at the top.

Christmas Light on the Marina

We didn’t put up any lights this year but we did enjoy those who did. Maybe next year. That is DK’s head just over the rail line (knitting) as the sun is going down. It was a wonderful weekend.

Google Adds Some Color to the Labels

Google Adds Color to LabelsI just noticed some color in my inbox? Have you yet? It looks like Google has added color labels to the “labels”. It shows on one computer but not on another so it is probably an update to Gmail that will work its way through their system.

Funny how just a little bit of color can add some excitement to your email. In the screen shot you can see a square box next to each label. You click the arrow and it gives you the color options you see in the image. At that point it shows everything in that label in the color you chose. Looks GREAT Google, thanks.

For those of us who use Gmail, and a lot of it, this is a welcome addition to the labels. I will finally be able to see just at a quick glance a highlight color for specific tags. I know everyone uses Gmail differently, but I use the “all mail” label most of the time and to see some color will be great.

Top 15 Stars of the Week, December 3

This was a busy week for me and I didn’t get much posting done but my reader subscriptions were busy as ever. Looks like my feeds to a big jump this week to 498 feeds, but there were several added that were in a specific niche market for a website I am developing.

If you are not familiar with this list, each Monday morning I create a list of the top 15 posts from my reader from last week. You can see the entire list from the footer in the center where it says “starred items”. I am going to get right to the list since there were so many good articles posted last week.

Top 15 21 Stars of the week of Nov 26th to Dec 3rd

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