We Have Finally Broken Ground on the New House in Auburn

We have finally broken ground on our new house!! Yipee!! Here are the photos to prove it. This is the pad where the house will sit. It is leveled out and ready for the foundation.

Here are two views of the newly cut driveway leading from the pad to the road. It is a long driveway.

Same driveway, other end. See the huge clump of trees way back there? Our house is going to be on the other side of those trees.

This is the dogwood that is currently in bloom across the road from the entrance to our driveway. Pretty, huh?

It All Begins With Auburn Campaign Begins in Birmingham

We attended a kick off event a few weeks ago for the 2006 fundraising campaign for the Birmingham chapter of Auburn University Alumni. The event was held at the Barber Sports Museum in Birmingham. The museum was unbelievable. The current display at the museum is 4 floors of motorcycles. The motorcycles are displayed in various creative ways, including some stacked like tonka toys.

This one was probably my favorite.

There were several famous bikes on display. Jeff Gordon had donated a bike to charity and the Barber Museum won it at auction. It was on display as well as this classic from the movie Easy Rider.

Here are some more of the motorcycles that I found impressive or just plain cool.