Meeting William for the First Time and Visiting the Farm

This past weekend Deborah took a trip to Alabama to meet her new grandson. He is perfect in every way, of course. After arriving in Atlanta on Friday afternoon, she made the drive to Montgomery, AL in time to have dinner with William and his parents. Here he is in his new hats she made for him.

The weekend was extremely busy and included a trip to the Marchio/Fillmer farm so they could meet him as well. The visit was wonderful, until Deborah was leaving and she accidentally backed over the Marchio’s dog Tanya. Miraculously Tanya was unhurt and the children learned a valuable lesson about being around cars that are potentially moving.

Sarah, holding William.

Dale cooking up beanie weanies for lunch.

Sarah and Chris have a beautiful family. Here are some photos of the family and the farm.

Sarah, Jacob, Abby, William, and Sara (William’s mom)



Abby and Levi




Jacob and the goats


Deborah, Abby, and Martha

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