Our Time in Texas with David and Georgia

Deborah and Scott have been in Texas now for about four weeks and will be leaving on August 5th for Creede, Colorado. Everyone is anxious to get on the road again and to head north to hopefully cooler temperatures. While they have been at Deborah’s parents property in Texas Scott and Blazer have been working hard to help clear the land for the new house. Scott likes to drive the tractor and Blazer likes to ride.

Texas with David and Georgia

Texas with David and Georgia

Rest in Peace… Flower

Let us all draw upon our fond memories of Flower to help us through this difficult time. How can I possibly put into words how much Flower has meant to us these past three weeks? Has she actually been here a whole three weeks yet? Well, she is off to meet her maker and quacking and swimming freely for all eternity. (I’m sure there is a cryastal lake in heaven just for ducks).

Flower, you may recall, was Martha’s duck. She is grieving in her own precious way. Mom pulled up for a visit this morning and Martha promptly announced, “Flower’s dead. Someone ate him”!

The investigation into this murderous family rampage has just begun and we will keep you posted when we are able to identify the assailant. In the mean time, you might say a quick prayer for the remaining 5!

from the Marchios

This Just In

The family blog is off and running. Linda Kirchubel has sent in these photos to share with the rest of the family. Have a look and enjoy.

Here’s a picture of Barbara (Linda’s mom) and Rob on their boat. Her J-O-B, as Debbie Metteer would say, was to hold up the flag when we had a man down on the tube. She did a great job, even though she didn’t like the water! She was a great sport.

Another picture of mom on the boat. Linda and Rob finally came up with a name for the boat: “Loki”, the Norse god of mischief!

Linda’s sister Carol-Anne, who went to high school with Debbie and Dale. Carol-Anne is a heap of fun and lives in Indiana.

Linda’s other sister, Nancy, who lives in Tucson. Everyone drove up the Delat to a little restaurant on the water where Erich met up with them. They had a great time visiting and Carol-Anne made an awesome toast to his future that he will probably remember forever. It was a very special day for him to have his two aunts in from out of town.

Linda’s oldest son, Erich, on graduation day.

Linda’s mom (Dale & Debbie’s Aunt Barbara, who was married to Shirlee’s big brother Bob) with her older sister Nancy and Marc, her youngest.

Erich and Linda, on graduation day, before he goes off to the ceremony.

You can see Erich underneath the first “0” in 2005. He’s on his way up to the podium to receive his diploma. WHEEEEEEEE! He made it and on July 25th is off to Lackland AFB as an E-3. Erich was in Civil Air Patrol for four years and obtained the rank of Cadet Commander (C-2nd Lt.). So this means he can go into Basic as an E-3.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

How great to be a 7 year old boy!

I would like to wish Jacob a very happy birthday today. Jacob is a happy guy who loves the Lord and loves farm life.

As many of you know Chris bought Abby some ducks for her birthday. Well, if you missed hearing about it let me just conclude that the ducks have a new home. We don’t know where… they only stuck around for a few hours and then ran off looking for greener pastures. Had I known they were going to do that I would have simply chopped off their heads and landed them a home in the deep freeze to await pekin duck dinner after church on Sundays for the next month.

Well, Jacob requested some new ducks for his birthday. He asked for baby ducks that would learn to like us and not run away. Chris went back to the duck farm in search of baby ducks for Jacob. (He was also on the look out for the last 4 we bought. Chris theorizes these were homing ducks that promptly returned to the farm and were sold to the next sucker that came along in a duck running scam)!

He didn’t exactly come home with baby ducks. We think these are more like teen-aged ducks. (Lets hope they have more brains). But we think they are rather cute. Jacob chose the brown one for himself and distributed the rest amongst the siblings. Jacob named his Brownie. Gabriel’s is Mac (smallest white duck- tries to bite everyone). Abby and Martha’s are the other white ones: Quacker and Flower. I named Isaac’s Duncan (small black and white- always dunking his head in the water bucket) and Chris named Levi’s: George. (Don’t ask).

We have managed not to lose the goats yet. (Lucy made several escapes on 4th of July). Chris has outfitted them with some new toys from the “junk free for the taking” stash at work.

Goats love to climb things and they also don’t like to get their feet wet. After Hurricane Dennis it is good to stay dry and get a good view of the landscape from atop a spool. I’m assuming she is not up there plotting her next escape attempt!

Blessings to all from the Marchios!