I Love Sundays Here at the Park, They Are So Peaceful

I love Sundays here at the park. All the weekend campers head out for home and the wildlife returns for another week of calm living. The day was just beautiful today. We took the motorboat down the Pamlico river to the maina where our sailboat is and then returned. All the crabpot bouys that are normally dotting the surface of the water were gone and the seagulls have taken their place. The nights here are turning cooler, mid 50’s, and the days are glorious.

I will be leaving on November 1 for the Houston Quilt Festival where we are vendors. Hopefully I can find some purse frames for my new knitted bags and perhaps a few more patterns, threads, and beads. Tonight I am starting on the Sister Dahlia pattern that I charted after having spent all of last night and part of today loading the beads on the thread. If the count is wrong I am not sure what to do.

The Purple Crocheted Lariat is now complete and looks great. It is my first attempt at crochet ropes and I really like how it turned out. The picture of the finished Lariat is below.

I used #30 weight crochet thread and 60 grams of Black Opal beads (80204-30) from Wal-mart. The thread I used was white and if I had to do this one again I would use a dark color.

Twin Lakes RV Resort and Sailing on the Pamilco River

Deborah at the helm of the Sailbaot

Sailboat at the Dock for the Night

Aubie on our Sailboat in the Pamilco River

We have been here at Twin Lakes RV Resort (http://www.twinlakesnc.com) for about 8 months now. It is a very pretty park with 500/800 sites and is located at the beginning of the Pamlico Sound where the Tar and the Pamlico Rivers meet. We arrived here in March and decided to stay stationary for a while.

We have at least a one year lease on the rv spot we are in and when the lease is up we will see if it is time to move on to another spot or to stay here a little longer.  It is a nice place and just outside little Washington (Washington, NC), which is also a nice little town.  It could be a little closer to the Outer Banks which we love, but it is all the way up at the mouth of the Pamlico river.

While we have been here I have been able to learn many new techniques using beads, as well as complete a few other unfinished projects. I hope to finish my first knitted-beaded amulet bag tonight. It is from a pattern by Theresa Williams, a.k.a. The Bag Lady, (http://www.baglady.com) and is called Baby Dahlia. This bag has been fun to do and I am looking forward to doing many more in various styles.

I learned to knit over the last month or two using yarn and size 8 needles. Once I was comfortable with the knit stitch, I moved on to this pattern. For this first attempt I chose to use DMC size 8 Perle Cotton in Ecru color and #227, size 11 seed beads, a denim color purchased from http://www.indiandreamstrading.com.