Self Portrait Writing

Self Portrait Writing

Writing: the activity or skill of making coherent words on paper and composing text. As in all forms of creativity, art takes many forms, and writing, in some forms, is something I really enjoy.

Academic writing wasn’t one that I sought out but it was that was given to me by the sake of being in a seminary. Scholarly work is sometimes a mystery, even to those doing the writing, but over time you learn to refine the skills needed. I decided as much for myself as anything else to do a general list of my writing here. I make no claims as to its academic quality except that it takes a lot of effort and time. I welcome comments on any of the PDF’s below. Most of the essays and reviews below are completed works tuned in for review by professors in each field, but some of it is just personal writing like a few poems.

I think writing is becoming a lost art in our culture today. And while I don’t claim to be a “writer” of any published work, I do like to write, and try to write every day. If I am not writing here in my blog I am writing in a journal which I have kept now (and am converting all of it to a digital medium) for years. Regardless whether your writing is perfect or full of grammatical errors, I have found that it becomes priceless as time goes by and memories fade.

For thousands of years, writing has been the form and means of communication between cultures and generations. Today, that medium has changed, or is rapidly changing, to a form of communication of images, not words. As this happens, we read less, write less, and further distance ourselves from the method of communication that was vital to all generations prior to our own. We may be perfectly comfortable with our medium of high def video and perfect audio, but something is always lost in translation. In the exact same way we take a book and turn it into a movie, we lose something, sometimes a great deal. The original message is presented to us in a readers digest form, and the details of the original work are lost.

I am far far from the best reader or the best writer, but I think it is vitally important for our generation and the generations to come to embrace the art of words before symbols on a page, written in full sentences, full detailed thoughts placed there for us to read, becomes an unknown language.

If you are having issues downloading any of these docs please just contact me. Please DO NOT plagiarize any of the work here. You are welcome to use it, reference it, quote it, but please don’t just call it your own.

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Critical Reviews

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Selected Journal Entries

I am continually trying to update this page with my writing in various forms. Although photography is my love, I am a prolific writer, mainly in journal form. As of this writing in May 2019 I have written about 9,000 journal entries totaling over 4,000,000 words (some of my published entries are above). If you are interested in journaling I would highly recommend the Day One App, it is basically the industry leader and is hands down the very best option out there.

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