Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Sun Rise on St George Island, FL
Sun Rise over the Gulf of Mexico on St George Island, FL

It didn’t take me as long to come up with an image for “merge” this week as a part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (Merge), but it also looks like one of the more popular posts from the traffic as well. A sunrise might be a little more cliché than my previous posts, but we just got back from the beach, and this is what you shoot at the beach. I also have an extreme fondness for sunrises and sunsets. Twice a day we get such a unique view of God’s creation, and no two are ever the same. Last year I watched two sunrises and almost three sunsets in about a 24-36 hour period when I flew from Atlanta to Africa (which I actually don’t think I have posted yet).

I love the topic of photographically showing merge. There is no better way (to me) to photographically exhibit the topic of merge than a sunrise or sunset over the ocean, except perhaps a heavy fog. The night merging into the day. All the colors merging and blending all into one. Then the horizon disappearing or reappearing, marking a change in time from one day to the next. This shot was taken yesterday looking out over the Gulf of Mexico from St. George Island, FL just about 30-45 minutes after sunrise, just about the time all the color in the sky and water faded into dull blues. It was just as peaceful in person as it looks in the photo above.

I’m going to do another post later with just photos from St. George, so for now, here is my version of “merge” for this week. Be sure to check out some of the other entries below.

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Top 15 Stars of the Week, October 29

Chipseo Starred Items Oct 29Looking back over this past week, it was overwhelmingly dominated by posts on the Page Rank update.

It seems everyone found some way to be touched by this in one way or the other, even if it was just to read the rantings and ravings about Google’s Page Rank update. Especially over the weekend when page rank updates seemed to be just flying in every direction.

I did try to read as many of these posts as I could, and I even contributed to the mayhem myself in, What Happened to My Page Rank, Another Goal Reached?, when my Page Rank actually went up to my surprise. Being at a PR0 I didn’t have any place to go but up, so a PR2 was a welcome thing to me. One of the funniest posts I have seen so far was posted over the weekend, Google PageRank algorithm leaked, it is certainly worth a quick read, and was quite funny.

Because there were so many starred items on that particular subject, I am just going to leave out all posts having to do with the page rank update. If you want more information about that issue just do a quick blog search for page rank update and you can find more than enough to read. A quick housekeeping note. The winner of the favicon for one month is The Computer Zone, so send me a quick email with your preference for a large or small icon and the url you want linked to and I will update it asap. If you want or need me to create a 16x16px or 26x26px icon just let me know. Contact me through “chipseo [at] gmail dot com” and if I don’t hear from the winner by the end of the day I will get in touch with you.

If you didn’t catch the top 15 of last week just click on the stars tag, and if you are unfamiliar with this post, each week I collect a top 15 of my Google Reader Starred items from the previous week and post them here. You can also subscribe to the starred feed if you like.

Top 15 Stars of the week of October 22-29th

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