Almost Finished with an Initial Review of Uganda Photos

I have been back for almost two weeks now and it has taken me this long just to get through an initial run-through of all the images I shot in Uganda. What’s amazing to me about the images we captured is how many individual stories there are, waiting to be told, at some point down the road. I tried to go to Uganda with as few preconceived notions about I was going to be able to shoot as I could, and I’m glad I did. Not really having any idea what I would be able to capture gave me the freedom to shoot journalistically per se.

Looking back at the entire shoot in it’s complete unedited form showed me a greater story that is impossible to tell in one blog post, or even several. That’s the great thing about being part of something bigger than just an individual process, and I love that about the mission work our church is involved with in Buloba. It’s not about an individual effort but a collective group of teams over many years building countless relationships with people. Now that I have gone through the whole set of photos over the next few weeks, a little at a time, I’m going to post some short individual stories that came through to me.

Baby Luke and the Mother To-Be Maternity Shoot

Yes my son and daughter-in-law are expecting, this coming September (so is my sister Sarah for that matter, and within about a week of each other, and yes, they are both Sara(s)’ssssesss…). While they were down here for their Disney vacation we got a very quick, and very hot and humid, photo shoot with the whole family. William, our grandson, is really looking forward to his new baby brother Luke and he was very patient to stand there and get his photo taken over and over again. I would really liked to have done some photos with the Graflex 4×5 but it was just too hot for anyone to stand outside for more than 5 minutes at a time. Everyone is back up in Colorado where the air is thin and the humidity doesn’t go above single digits but we were so glad we got to see everyone while they were on vacation.

Catalyst One Day in Atlanta and No Film or CF Card?

I am in Atlanta right now getting ready to shoot the Catalyst One Day event at Northpoint Church and later the Off the Blogs at Buckhead Church.  This was one of the most last minute shoots I was ever asked to do, but being that it was Catalyst (and the Off the Blogs) I was pretty excited about accepting the last minute offer.  Step one as a photographer is always always pack your film (or in this case digital compact flash cards).  Without a medium to record any images on, it makes your equipment and time pretty useless, and up until this month, over the last 10-12 years, I have never forgotten those precious cards (or film), but I did today.

I did the same thing a few weeks ago when we went to the Butterfly Day Center at Callaway and wanted to make sure I never did that again (same reason as today, I switched camera bags at the last minute) so I guess this makes number two.  Thank goodness there is a Best Buy in the same parking lot as my hotel and I can go pick up something I already have tons of, but can’t do the shoot without.

I am really looking forward to the day today and can’t wait to hear and worship with everyone at Northpoint.  I doubt I will be able to post any pictures throughout the day here but you might look for some over on Twitter, but I should have some shots of Andy Stanley, Fee Band, Carlos Whittaker, Anne Jackson, and several more posted here over the next few days.  Now off to our favorite neighborhood Best Buy.

Guitarist and Real-estate Agent Rob Slocumb :: Photos

Rob Slocumb

Rob Slocumb

Rob Slocumb

Rob Slocumb is perhaps best known for his guitar work with Martha’s Trouble, so when he asked me to do a quick and easy photo shoot for him this week I was thinking music, band, guitars, and all that (see Martha’s Trouble Live at Eighth and Rail in Opelika // Photos), but it was for his day job as a Real Estate agent.  I have my typical stereotype of a “Real Estate Agent” in my mind and “cool” wasn’t really top on my list, until now.  Rob needed some head shots done for some advertising and here are a few takes from that shoot.  These probably aren’t the ones he wants to use for advertising but I couldn’t shoot straight head shots the whole time, we need a little edge.

With that said, if anyone has a chance to go see Martha’s Trouble perform live, they play in various venues around the southeast and are well worth the time.  They have a great pop/rock sound with a little Canadian twist so be sure to check them out.

I am a little more accustomed to doing shots off the cuff or candid stuff from bands but I am more than happy to do some standard head shots when I get the chance.  Tomorrow is going to be huge as far as photography goes for me and I hope to add a few more head shots of some new faces.  Right after I finish this post I am off to Atlanta for Catalyst One Day and the Off the Blogs meetup.  Can’t wait to pull out the camera again for the line up I shot back in October for Catalyst08.  For a quick recap of that shoot, go here, here, and here.  See you back here tomorrow from Atlanta.

The Spurlock Family Photo Shoot on the Farm

Spurlock Family Photo Shoot

About a week ago I did a shoot (with Deb’s help, thanks) here at our place with some close friends of mine, the Spurlock family, Heath, Dawn, Dylan, and Haley.  It was the first family shoot I had done out here on the farm it was great fun.  It was nice of Dawn to think of me and ask me to do the shoot for her and her family.  Although mama was the most willing participant out of the group, they all made it a great afternoon and I loved to get a chance to do some photos right here at home.

Below are a few of my favorites from the day.  If you want to see the entire shoot you can go to the Spurlock Gallery and see the rest over there.

Spurlock Family Photo Shoot

Spurlock Family Photo Shoot

Spurlock Family Photo Shoot

Spurlock Family Photo Shoot

Photography is a Collective Ongoing Practice of Art

Jason at Cornerstone Worship Band Practice

BJ at Cornerstone Worship Band Practice

Paul at Cornerstone Worship Band Practice

I often find myself doing a shoot of a “practice” of some kind or another.  The shoot could be band practice, football practice (see Auburn Tigers Football Practice Report for 2008 // Photos), soccer, or any number of other subjects, but practice for an upcoming event or game. [Although the Auburn University Athletics department is less enthusiastic about anyone photographing any practice of any kind, for any reason, of course.]  I have had several people in the past ask me why I shoot a practice instead of just waiting for the real thing (what ever that means).  Well I do have the camera in my hands and taking photos probably 4-5 days out of the week, so why shoot a practice?

Mainly because I need as much practice as I can possibly get, just like the people who are practicing.  Really for me, it isn’t practice, it is always the real thing, but there are several reasons why I like shooting a practice over a live or actual event.  Less people, I have better access to the subjects, and it gets me prepared for the non-practice event, and it’s usually fun.

On Wednesday I took these images of the Cornerstone band practice and there are some of my favorites of the band to date for several reasons, but one is because I have had a lot of practice with this band myself.  With two guest musicians, Paul pictured just above playing the bass from Matha’s Trouble, and Jake playing the keys from Encounter made for a great practice session.

Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos from Colorado

It took a while to edit the images but I have completed the upload for the wedding photos from the Bryan and Sara Fillmer wedding. All in all there were about 4,000 photos, which I edited to 4 galleries and about 300 final images, with one additional gallery that includes my picks.

Below are some of my personal favorites from the wedding, if you want the short version of the wedding, you can click on the gallery called photographer’s picks, which is about 20 of my favorites and is more of what is shown below. You can view each gallery individually (best viewed in the slideshow format link in the upper right corner) from the links below.

Wedding Gallery and Quick Picks

Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Brides Maids Legs and Tatoos

To view more images from the gallery above, just click on photographer’s picks. To view the other galleries you can click on the links below. Be sure to click on the slideshow format to view all images in a larger, continuous manner.

  • Gallery for Nails and Food on Friday – Gallery 1
  • Gallery for Sara’s Bridal Shoot – Gallery 2
  • Gallery for Rehearsal Dinner – Gallery 3
  • Gallery for Wedding Day Photos – Gallery 4

You can also just go to my main photo gallery, Auburn Images, and click on weddings, then click on the appropriate links.