Parting Shots for Auburn vs Texas A&M

Parnorama of Jordan-Hare Stadium from the Endzone

Parnorama of Jordan-Hare Stadium from the Endzone

It’s not like anyone ever wants to remember a 63-21 total blowout like what happened on Saturday, but there is more to life than football, even in the south. I’m not just saying that because we have only one single win against a ULM team we probably should have lost to, I said that in 2010 when we won the National Championship as well. That doesn’t mean people, media, fans, and the like can’t be brutal when Auburn doesn’t win every single game, or a single game, just look at the cover of the OANews below, but it’s still not the end of the world as we know it (just ask the 1952 fans).

There have been a few things this football year that have been interesting and fun. I did finally get a decent shot of Nova, Auburn’s Golden Eagle from the Raptor Center (below), and last Saturday we have 4 F-16’s do a flyover at the game for military appreciation week. The flyover was rare for Jordan-Hare Stadium lately (see my iPhone video of the flyover here), I can’t remember the last one we had, and they actually didn’t really even fly that low and loud either. I didn’t stick around for the parachuting team that jumped at halftime in the dark blustering cold, but all the military appreciation fanfare was outstanding. This may have been a day to forget the score and the game forever, true, but it’s fall in the south. We were blessed with being able to see with our eyes and hear with our ears yet another day the Lord had made.

Auburn Golden Eagle Nova

Auburn’s Golden Eagle Nova Poses for the Camera

Texas A&M Football Player Warms Up

Texas A&M Football Player Warms Up Around the Auburn Band

Auburn Marching Band vs Texas A&M

Auburn Marching Band vs Texas A&M

Auburn Marching Band vs Texas A&M

Auburn Marching Band vs Texas A&M

Chalk on the Wall Things Will Be Better Auburn Football

Written in Chalk on the Wall on Auburn’s Campus

Front Cover of the OANews Sports Section

Front Cover of the OANews Sports Section

iOS Panorama Beauty of Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium

Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium Panorama

Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium Panorama

There is nothing quite like a stadium full of 87,451 fans creating a sea of orange and blue. It actually doesn’t happen all that often, and it’s even harder to capture all 87,000 people in one single photo. My expectations for the rest of the season are very low at this point, but that’s ok, Auburn is still Auburn, and while there are many reasons why I love this town, football is one. Ever since the iPhone 5 came out this shot above is the very shot I had in my mind for the new panorama feature, and I finally got to take it during the Auburn vs Arkansas game. The result is something that can only be seen with a very wide angle lens, or in a stitched panorama shot of the stadium, from the south end zone. I loaded a full size high-res version here if you want to take a look at the shot at full size.

It does take a little practice to get a decent panorama shot using the new iOS 6 camera feature, but with some practice you can really get some great shots that you can’t get without a lot of work and specialized skills otherwise. My first real professional attempt was done at this scenic vista in Colorado called Lake City back in 2008. That setup required an elaborate (but well worth it) set of tripods, panorama ball heads by Markins (an outstanding ball head), levels, and some good knowledge of Photoshop to be able to stitch together the final panorama product. Today, a mere 4 years later, it’s a much different landscape with the iOS 6 option where the software allows you to take the shot above, automatically stitching together a series of shots taken simultaneously.

If you have your own iOS 6 panorama example leave it in the comments below. I’m going to offer a how-to on the iOS option down the road, but for now, stadiums make a great subject.

Auburn Tigers Football A-Day Game Photos For 2012

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012

Today was the annual crazy-day game where we play ourselves, called the Auburn A-Day Game. Of course just about every school has a spring game where the offense plays the defense, it just seems to get bigger and bigger as the years go by. Today we had over 43,427 people at this game where we played ourselves, a game in which Coach Chizik said “numerical values meant little — if not nothing.” Makes me wonder (every single year)… why… but, it’s Auburn football, and there are very few chances to get into Jordan-Hare Stadium and take photos of crazy people (myself included since obviously I was at this “game”). I feel sort of obligated to go now since I have 4 years of A-Day Game posts on my blog, and I wouldn’t want to cull a blog mini-series of mine like the A-Day Game.

As Ryan Wood wrote for the Opelika-Auburn News on the game, “I wouldn’t look and pay attention to any of the stats today,” said Chizik, who barely glanced at the sheet in front of him for the 10 minutes he spent with the media. “It was different guys in there with different personnel groupings, and mix and match players. I wouldn’t read into any stats that you may see, good or bad.” But, that just means that keep stats for this game? Seriously? OK, I guess we keep stats on everything these days, and why not, the number of data points that we can capture at any given event now is bordering on the incomprehensible.

One interesting thing that did take place yesterday was the unavailing of three statues of Auburn’s Heisman Trophy winners, Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton. I have photos of the new statues, but I think I am going to post them in a separate blog post, after all, they did win the Heisman, they probably deserve their own post. I do find it kind of interesting that after something like 100 years of football we have now joined Alabama in memorializing our gladiators in the form of gigantic bronze statues that would make the Greek gods proud. I guess I can no longer make fun of Bama’s statue of Bear Bryant or Nick Saban and the like, oh well.

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012 Marching Band Drums

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012 Marching Band Trumpets

Auburn Tigers Aday Game 2012

Auburn Tigers Football vs Mississippi State Game 2 :: Photos

The game this week was another crazy ending that ended with a win by a last play stop that literally came within an inch or two of a Mississippi State score. For those of us who sit in the blasting sun hopefully this will be the last day game until it gets a little cooler.

Next week Auburn goes on the road and so do we. We will be watching Auburn play Clemson from Denver where we will be celebrating the birth of our second grandson. Until then, hope you enjoy some of the photos from the game today. It was a hot day to haul the camera around Jordan-Hare Stadium but I love some of the images from today. I’m always amazed that there is anything original left to produce at a football game but each game is always different. War Eagle.

Friday Night Auburn Lights Photo at Jordan-Hare Stadium :: Friday Feet

It’s the Friday night before the first Auburn football game and it’s become sort of a tradition with Deborah and I to walk around downtown and eat dinner while we watch all the “out of towners” stroll in. Last year it was Hamilton’s on Magnolia, this year it ended up being a very crowded Mellow Mushroom. It’s always interesting to see our quiet southern town turn into a crazy madhouse, but that’s fall, and that’s what makes Auburn such a unique town. It also makes for some great photographic opportunities. At this point I’m not sure how many times I have shot Jordan-Hare Stadium (one of my favorites came right off my iPhone), but it always seems to have another look, another angle, or different colors that I haven’t found or seen before. What’s even better are the countless shots of Jordan-Hare on Flickr and other places that seems to find even more looks to this great stadium.

If you are in Auburn take a walk down to the stadium and see the new black and white banners that went up in the off season, they look great and once again they changed the face of Jordan-Hare. So here is hoping Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers have another fantastic season down here on the the plains.

Toomer’s Corner to be Rolled in Auburn Soon :: Friday Feet

UPDATE February 17, 2011: See Poisoning of Toomer’s Live Oaks Article Here along with current photos of the work being done.

It is about that time, less than 24 hours left before the first kick-off of the 2010 College football season here in Auburn. A time of the year that needs no explanation if you live in the South, certainly not if you live in Auburn itself. Tomorrow, the city with a population of 58,000 turns into one of the largest cities in the state and 87,451 will pile into Jordan-Hare Stadium to celebrate. So our Friday Feet is none other than the greatest college player, Bo Jackson.

The photos here are really the calm before the storm. We decided Friday night would be a good time to roam around and gawk at all the RV’s and people who have come to visit. This was actually our first dinner at Hamilton’s on Magnolia. We have been meaning to visit Hamilton’s for literally years I think and just never had the chance. It was super, highly recommended if you are coming to Auburn.

After I get back from the game against Arkansas State tomorrow night I will post some of the days photos as I have for the past several years. I no longer have my super long telephoto lens, but that just makes getting good shots more thought out. War Eagle!

To see some of the previous few years game photos just click on the links below for each game, plus a if you want to see a previous year where we rolled Toomer’s Live Oaks click here.

Jordan-Hare Stadium Night Photo Auburn 21 LSU 26

Auburn vs LSU 2008 at Jordan-Hare

What an incredibly long day to end in a loss to LSU. It was a stunning end to the game and as fans left the stadium they had a dazed look of what just happened. I stopped to take several shots of the fans exiting Jordan Hare stadium and then went up on top of the parking deck and got this shot. To date this is probably my favorite shot of Jordan Hare.

The lights still flooding the field and a sea of people walking away like drones with no excitement or enthusiasm that we have come to expect.  What an interesting day to say the least.  More shots to come.

Auburn vs Mississippi State and Rolling Toomer’s Corner

Samford Hall Photo at Night on Auburn University

Toomer's Drugs in Auburn Alabama

Rolling of Toomer's Corner in Auburn

This week the Auburn opened the SEC play with the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville, MS.  This was the first away game of the 2008 season, and as expected, the Auburn Tigers played well.  We did not actually make it to Starkville for the game today, but rather watched it on ESPN2 with half of the rest of the country, which made for a real short walk to my bed after the game instead of a very long drive.

Wow, what a game.  This was not a pretty game at all.  Pounding defense all game long and more resembled a baseball game score.  A win is a win, and at least they came away with a win, but it probably won’t do to well in the NCAA polls on Sunday.  Another story from the game was the injury to Brad Lester who was taken off the field on a cart and the update said he had a sprained neck.  Haven’t seen a game like this in a long time, Auburn tried everything they could do to loose but so did MSU, and in the end, the game clock is what won the game.

Although I really do like the idea of the spread offense that Tommy Tuberville (whom I think is probably one of the best coaches ever at Auburn) has brought in, that was probably the weakest display of an offense (on both sides of the ball) that any SEC conference game has seen in a long time.  It is a transition year for the offense, and it looked it, I just hope the Auburn Tiger faithful has the patience to wait it out because in the SEC, a loss is pretty much the season, and next week we have LSU coming to Auburn.  Never a fun game at Jordan-Hare Stadium under any circumstances, but without an offense that can score a touchdown?  Yikes.

The photo above is one I took of Samford Hall in front of the historic sign saying Auburn University, Established 1856.  Probably one of the most photographed buildings in the Auburn area, Samford Hall was built in 1888 after a fire destroyed “Old Main” building in 1887, which sat on the same site, using bricks salvaged by the ruins of Old Main building.

Toomer’s Drugs (located on Toomer’s Corner of course) is another historic landmark of Auburn and a big part of Auburn University.  This photo above was obviously not taken tonight after the game, so why are either photos significant to the Auburn vs Mississippi State football game, well right in between these two buildings is the rolling of Toomer’s Corner (of the Live Oaks).  An Auburn tradition that goes back to the 1970’s (see the live web cam of Toomers Corner here) when Auburn would win away games, students would come down to Toomer’s Corner and toilet paper roll the corner (see Auburn Tigers Football Season at a Glance // 2006).

Now it is done with just about any win for anything, but it generally looks like this:

I admit I could not make the effort to drive down there tonight and take a current shot of Toomer’s corner at 10pm at night when I have to get up early the next day, but I am sure this is exactly what it looks like right now, only the faces are different.  Next week when Auburn plays LSU (and wins) we will be down at Toomer’s corner with the camera to record for history the rolling of Toomer’s corner.