Samford Hall Before Auburn vs Clemson in My 41st Season

Samford Hall Auburn University

Samford Hall on Auburn University

I’m not sure there are any new and unique ways to shoot Samford Hall on Auburn University, but I keep looking for them just the same. This was a new shot for me, sitting in my car stopped on College (very briefly), I took this shot out the window of my car. It’s such an iconic shot to me, and it has been photographed for so many decades that you almost get nostalgic walking across the lawn thinking about how many have stood here before. As Deborah and I walked across the lawn for lunch yesterday, I realized I love it now not because it represents football, or tradition, but because represents where I’m from, it’s where I live and work. In a southern college town in Alabama.

Tomorrow of course starts the insanity that is NCAA College Football, and somehow, I will be there in Atlanta when Auburn kicks off against #14 ranked Clemson. It starts off my 41st season as an Auburn football fan (see my 40th and photo outtakes), and each one has been unique, and memorable to some extent. This year, my favorite off-season football day had to be the unveiling of Auburn’s Heisman Trophy Winner Statues for Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton, or Chizik and Trooper talking to the players along with the other shots of the players coming out of the tunnel for Aday 2012. I didn’t take my camera into too many games last year so I wouldn’t be hassled by the camera mafia as I walked into Jordan-Hare, but I did still get some shots representative of each home game last year, and that’s probably going to be plan this year. As Auburn makes it harder and harder to bring in cameras I’m left with take iPhone cell phone camera shots, but that’s ok, I tend to enjoy the games better anyway, plus I’ve found the iPhone to be one of the best point-n-shoot cameras around.

War Eagle everyone. I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting football season as always, see you on Twitter tomorrow from Atlanta (@scottfillmer), I’ll be sure to send out a few Instagram shots from inside the Georgia Dome.

Auburn's Chizik and Trooper Talk to the Players Before Aday 2012

Auburn’s Chizik and Trooper Talk to the Players Before Aday 2012

Fall Storms Roll Through Auburn University Today :: Photos

It was a dreary cloudy day in Auburn today, but almost 80*F in the middle of November, until this really fast moving storm system sort of caught everyone saying “what just happened?” These storms have now moved east doing about the same damage as they head towards the east coast. We didn’t have any damage at our place but there was pretty significant damage all around Auburn in the form of downed trees and power lines, some turned over cars, and apparently some damage to Auburn High School and Haley Center on campus. We are thrilled to hear that, so far, there haven’t been any injuries associated with the storm.

The only reason Deb and I happened to be on campus at lunch time today was to get her out of the house for a quick lunch in Foy Hall where they have one of her favorite places to eat. Once the sirens started going off on campus (see a really splotchy video here) everyone headed for the hallways and campus became like a ghost town. It’s just part of living down here in the south, glad no one was hurt. I did however get some photos while we were walking/driving around trying to get home (all taken with my cell phone here). Stormy weather always makes for such great lighting conditions, even if it is just on your cell phone.

Auburn University’s Samford Hall Between the Hedges

Probably the most over photographed spot on the Auburn campus has to be Samford Hall, but for good reason, it has those photographic qualities that stand out from all angles.  This is a little less traditional shot of Samford Hall, which kind of makes it look like a toy train station building.  War Eagle everyone.

This is What Passion for the Lord Looks Like in Auburn

Two quick images from Encounter performing live with Grace Campus Ministries from the campus of Auburn University.  I really think passion breads passion and this is a very quick, small example of what is going on in Auburn, at least on Thursday nights.  Campus Crusade for Christ was also on the Auburn campus last night (along with all the ongoing football hoopla, so it was a real busy place) and I am sure that was a big event as well. More photos to come next week, but here are two off the top.

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter at Auburn University on Thursday's

Last night I went to see Encounter perform at Auburn University, which is part of Grace Campus Ministries. I usually don’t post two similar blog post on my two blogs, but I know I have some readers that only read this blog, and some that only read my photo blog. For photos, see Grace Campus Ministries with Encounter on my photo blog, or see the full gallery here.

Encounter starts each fall semester and meets Thursday nights at 8:30 in the Student Activities Building on the campus of Auburn University. I went in to the photo shoot with a little hesitation not really knowing what to expect, and left thinking, wow, where was something like this when I was in college.

One of the things I love about college students is the electricity, energy, and excitement they bring with them. Their excitement for worship is not something I experienced in college, but it is contagious, and breeds its own energy.

The story of course is not about the band (which really rocks the house), or the leadership staff at Grace, or the lights, but the students. Being able to share the Gospel with them, minister to them in their specific environment and circumstances, and offer them a place of comfort with the Lord is something special.