The Friday Night Lights Live Album Recording :: Friday Feet

Today’s Friday Feet comes from a live album recording here at Cornerstone Church in Auburn. I will probably post a few more photos of the shoot tomorrow but for now, here is a smattering of feet and music from the night. The live recording took place over two nights, last night and tonight, and was the first live worship recording for an album our band has completed.

I love the privilege of getting to worship throughout the week and not just on Sunday, or at least in the manner we do on Sunday. This was a special night in many respects, and I enjoyed the unique experience of getting to shoot and worship at the same time. The shot of the guitar 3 images down serves today as my Project 365 [Day 3] image (see the rest of :2012 here). Have a great weekend all.

Coldplay Releases Prospekt’s March [EP] in the U.S. Today

Have you ever heard of Coldplay?  I am guessing even if you don’t listen to them, you have heard of the band.  I am truly amazed by this band.  Not only are they a darn good band, (even if you just think they are just a poppy, trendy U2, their success is obvious) but they very well could be the best marketed band ever.  They time their release dates perfectly, show up on all the popular shows just before the album hits the market, gives away free downloads of their songs, does free concerts in London and probably the most commonly played total set of songs from a secular band, currently being played in churches I have heard.  They have transcended most cultural lines, political boundaries, and music genres.

On June 15 2008, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends topped the UK album chart, despite having been on sale for only three days. In that time, it sold 302,000 copies; the BBC called it “one of the fastest-selling records in UK history“. By the end of June, it had set a new record for most-downloaded album ever.

They release one album in April of this year (see also Coldplay’s New Viva La Vida Cover Art Released), Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, after working on it since 2006, and today they have released an EP version of the album, but with 6 new songs and 2 good remakes.  Viva became Amazon’s number one selling album BEFORE it is released, just on pre-orders and today (without pre-orders) it is ranked #14 in rock and moving up.

Today, they released Prospekt’s March [EP], which was completed at the same time as Viva la Vida, and scheduled for release around this time.  It has 8 songs, 6 news ones, and a cover similar to Viva la Vida.

Preach the Gospel and If You Must, Use Words

Phil Keaggy 220A friend over at worship journey recently introduced me to a music artists I was not to familiar with, Phil Keaggy, and I have to say, he is one unbelievable guitarist, but I guess when Jimi Hendrix says he is one of the worlds greatest guitarists, he probably knows a little about a guitar as well.

I been an avid music collector for about 20 years now, and it always amazes me that I can discover an artist that has been around so long, yet still unknown to me. Not saying I know all the music there is to know, far from it, but two recent discoveries come to mind, Keaggy and Diana Krall. Both of which I had not really listened to much before this year, and both are great. I just recently purchased Phil Keaggy’s album 220 (an instrumental album), and on the inside of the cover art is this saying by St. Francis of Assisi

Go out today and preach the Gospel
and if you must, use words.

For a music lover, probably one of the greatest quotes I have read in a long time. To be able to preach the Gospel and worship, without having to use words is an incredible gift. Our world is crammed full of words, books, of course blogs, and all forms of writings that allow us to be able to effectively preach the Gospel, but it reminds me that it is not the only way. Some of my favorite scriptures are of David in worship to the Lord through singing and clapping of symbols. Some of the times I feel the closest to the Lord is when I am listening to music. Thanks for the reminder, Phil.

Music Makes the Mind Come Alive with Words

There are so many different types of music and given the right key and harmony can make a spirit come alive with dreams of places and relationships. Music to me is a memory of time and place. It is poetry for those of us who can’t read and to me lyrics have an amazing way to tell a story.

China all the way to New York
Maybe you got lost in Mexico
You’re right next to me

These are part of the lyrics of a song that I listened to while I did my daily walk about.  An interesting artist, one I did not know prior to about 6 months ago. Update: I have since come to know this as poetry, but had never really seen the words for the music.