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Sailing Yarns

Morgan Out Island 33 Sailboat

Welcome to I don’t know how or why but sailing has always been with me in all my adult years, it has never really left me, though it has not been a reality in our lives for quite some time. This is an ongoing dream and movement in my life. Some day, maybe, eventually, I will live on a sailboat. With aspirations to sail the oceans. Big dreams of a big ocean.

In the mean time, I have created a Sailboat Yarns Portfolio of sailboat images I’ve created over the years. This is sailing in a photographic view. Our individual sailboats have their own pages too, those links are below. All of those escapades can be found on my By Sea page.

Our Sailboats

Sailing is an aspirational dream of youth. Sometimes those fade with age, but still have a kindle of a spark, they aren’t quite dead yet, I think this is sailing for me right now.

To read more you can read my sailing posts on my blog. I’m also working on a sailboat page where there will be a gallery of the various different sailboats we have owned over the years. If you are interested in the actual sailboats we have owned click below.