Thanks for visiting the business side of things. I create and manage a wide range of content and technology from writing full ebooks to social media, creating and editing photos and videos to site management and tech support. My hobby interests revolve around topics like security, privacy, cryptocurrency, and technology advancements. I’m confident I can help you fulfill your mission and vision with my unique skill set.

Technology Specialist

Content Writing Specialist :: technical specialist with over 15 years of experience in content creation for blog posts, articles, lead magnets, reviews, landing pages, and social media content.
Business Development :: business administration, development, marketing, and virtual assistant
Industry Focus :: business, finance, technology, photography, videography and implementing SEO strategies to boost client profitability.

Skill Set

Technical :: extensive experience in customer service, administration, business, accounting, and technical support with Mac, Windows, and Android devices.
Front-End :: great working knowledge of front-end development in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React languages in addition to WordPress and Squarespace.
Business :: over 25 years experience in business operations as an owner/operator, live stream production, photography, video editing, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite, MS Office, QuickBooks, and business-related apps.

Connecting with People

Teams :: working with teams in Nicaragua and Uganda on food insecurity for children and infrastructure projects to build technology networks.
Soft Skills :: great worldwide perspective and appreciation for different cultures and ways of living to help others advance.

Additional Information

Formal details are available on my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to discussing how I can best serve you and your organization. If you have any questions at all please contact me, I look forward to getting to know you.

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