Scott Fillmer Cover Letter and CV Resume


My mission in business is to help make what you’re passionate about, successful.

I have 30 years of professional business experience from the airline industry, the tech industry, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

My skills include: customer service, technical support for hardware and software in MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. I have a good working knowledge of front-end web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React languages, extensive experience with WordPress and Squarespace development, live stream production, video editing, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite, MS Office, QuickBooks, and all forms of social media.

I’m passionate about all things related to technology. I enjoy helping people navigate and understand a wide range of technology issues, especially making technology easier to use, making it accessible to more people.



“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

– Steve Jobs


I’m fortunate to be in such a beautiful place like the Auburn-Opelika community. I have had the opportunity to live and work all over the world, giving me a worldwide perspective on different cultures and ways of living. Specifically, I’ve been working with partners in small local communities in Uganda on everything from infrastructure projects to technology networks for a growing university. I look forward to connecting with you.

My current resume information is below, I look forward to connecting with you.

war eagle,

Scott Fillmer

[Updated July 2022]