Project 365

Project 365 has been a goal of mine for years and years, probably long before anyone ever started calling it Project 365. Starting this household year of mine (November 29th 2011) I am going to make the greatest attempt to actually complete this project. To complete the project, I intend to take, and post, at least one unique photo every single day for 365 days. I am going to start this project for 2012 with the aspiration that I will continue it in 2013 and beyond, so this year, the project is so called :2012. Daily photos will be posted in a Flickr gallery (found via until I can figure out a better way to do, and posted periodically here by day number of the project. For a look at the random blog posts here you can follow the P365 tag.

In the future I may find a better way to present this project as a whole, but for now, it will be monthly updates on the blog (see Project 365 Update), random daily posts on the blog, and about once every few weeks I will update the :2012 gallery with the actual images. If you are working on Project 365, send it over my way, I would love to check it out as well. Below are just a few quick images from Flickr that represent this year so far. I love this project because it really gives me a look at our normal everyday life in Auburn.

Reasons I Choose to Do Project 365

  • Discipline in Completion
  • To have a photographic look at the month
  • Documentation
  • To reach a set goal
  • Improve my creativity
  • Learn how to be a better photographer

You can read blog post articles relating to Project 365 or see the photos posted to on Flickr.

-updated April 2012

Project 365 [Day 117] Ebby Looks at Her Daddy on the Sofa
Project 365 [Day 069] Sunlight Chasing the Rearview Mirror
Project 365 [Day 023] Sun Behind Storm Clouds
Project 365 [Day 060] Sunset on the Farm
Project 365 [Day 111] Dogwood Bloom in Spring
Project 365 [Day 131] Watching Phil Mickelson in the PGA Masters Tournament

3 thoughts on “Project 365

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