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The Street Project contains images from the street that would typically be considered “street photography” from in and around the south. There are several different “street” projects I’m working on right now, the main one being “The Streets of Auburn” about life in and around Auburn/Opelika.

  • Self Portraits

    Self Portraits

    This project found inspiration for this through the portrait work of Dan Winters, Sean Tucker, Fiona Lark, and Vivian Maier. Self portraits are so unlike the smart phone “selfies,” we are all accustomed to today. Each image tells a unique story, capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and introspection, and marks a time and place…

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  • Deborah Portraits

    Deborah Portraits

    This is a portrait, documentary, or life-story that I am putting together based on the images I have taken of my wife Deborah over the last 35 years.

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  • Auburn Streets

    Auburn Streets

    Auburn for me was something I was born into you might say, but now it’s home. It’s a beautiful town, a community that I’m highly invested in because it’s where I live and work. This is the starting point of a project I’ve been working on for years, but now I’m giving it an official…

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  • My Street

    My Street

    This is where I live, the streets that I am nearby, mostly rural areas. The rural landscape isn’t always just trees and scenery it’s much more diverse than that. In this project I highlight some of the things I’ve seen that caught my eye in the rural landscape of southeastern Alabama.

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I’m a freelance photographer and content manager based near Auburn, Alabama. I create everything from online content to managing social media so you can achieve what matters most to you.

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