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Privacy vs Security

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Privacy vs Security. This topic is important enough to me to make it a part of who I am. Privacy and Security, as it pertains to the internet or technology, and the data we create, are two different things. If you haven’t thought about this before, great, check out privacy vs security to read a little more detail about the topic. The data we create day by day just by being alive in 2022 is collected, parsed, and sold. It’s important to understand how that data is being used, and how to keep it safe. It’s a lot more than just making a good password, it’s about being proactive with the data that is essentially your copyright.

These two topics have some overlap, but both have very different purposes and best practices. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency several years ago and with that it almost necessitates becoming proficient in privacy and security best practices. I have spent years trying to de-Google my life, to no avail, or some avail, but there are many life change practices you can implement to keep yourself safe and keep the things you want private private. Here, eventually, I will explore those things and offer them to you in case you want to do the same.