Auburn Streets

Samford Hall in the Snow

About Each Life Project

My portfolio projects are curated groups of images I’ve collected over many years. These Photography Projects follow my Blog Categories. Below you will see my Life Projects related to the one you are currently viewing. I also have visual list of ALL Photography Portfolios available.

About Auburn Streets

Auburn for me was something I was born into you might say, but now it’s home. It’s a beautiful town, a community that I’m highly invested in because it’s where I live and work. This is the starting point of a project I’ve been working on for years, but now I’m giving it an official name, The Streets of Auburn. One of the challenges of coming up with a project that you can do in a unique artistic style is being able to capture the essence of the subject beyond the superficial, in my case, beyond what a visiting tourist could do on a football weekend. Whatever the subject, the local is always going to have the advantage because they live and breathe the subject matter on a daily basis, but that also means you can overlook the obvious and still only capture the ordinary.

The Project Purpose

The purpose of this project (at the time of this writing anyway) is to capture the essence of life as a local in Auburn Alabama, not just as a football fan on a Saturday afternoon. Sports is such a big part of this town that it has to be included in the subject, but there is so much more to Auburn than sports and football, and that’s what I am going to attempt to show through this project.

The Project Details

Below is a start into editing thousands and thousands of images I have taken in Auburn over the past 20 years. I started shooting in Auburn around 2006, and as of 2022 I have taken probably 200,000 images of Auburn alone, so this is just a start to my project edit. The edit will be ongoing and will be done live here on this project page. I will be continually taking images out and putting new images into this project, so come back over time and see how it progresses. The photo above is me at a much younger age, but obviously with a heart for Auburn from the start. Some of these images come from larger sets that have corresponding blog posts, if there is additional images I am going to try to link to them in the caption below the image.

Photograph Selection

The entire portfolio list is available if you would like to scroll through all the projects. Below are the curated images I chose for this particular project.

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