sftokens.io NFT’s

I created this space, sftokens.io, to explore the opportunities to create unique art outside of my typical photography work, and to sell my work as an artist through unique NFT’s. I’ve spent more than 30 years creating unique pieces and I’m now curating a selection to design those items into unique artistic pieces and then some of those into NFT’s. Each NFT created is a one of a kind unique item, I don’t create 100’s of copies of the same item, only one of each is minted and sold.

Right now my work is being curated into three different collections I’m calling Picd, Paintd, and Flossd. Each of these takes either my photography or a hand cross-stitched work (hand stitched by Deborah Fillmer) as the base work which is then further worked into a unique piece for the world of NFT’s and will only live on the blockchain. Questions?

Picd collection

The PICD Collection is a gallery of photographic images taken by me that have been digitized and created into a unique NFT. All of my photographic NFT’s are high resolution square images that combine colors and digital designs which are then minted and sold on OpenSea. The minted works can be seen in the Picd Collection on OpenSea.

Paintd Collection

The Paintd Gallery is a collection of photographic images that have been uniquely designed and created as a combination of photography and painting, which are then combined into unique NFT’s. Each NFT is for sale on OpenSea. The minted works can be see in the Paintd Gallery on OpenSea.

Flossd Collection

The Flossd Collection is a gallery of original work hand stitched with floss (cross stitch), photographed and digitized by hand. These unique NFT’s combine Cross-Stitch and Photography along with digital painting techniques and no variations or different versions of these items exist. The minted works can be see in the Flossd Collection on OpenSea.