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VW Camper Van #1107

I created a space called sftokens to explore the opportunities to create unique art outside of my typical photography work, and to sell my work as an artist through unique NFT’s. I have also picked up a few NFT’s here and there but I still find the space complex and navigating it is sometimes tricky. I have stuck with since I started, and for the most part, they have been a good platform to introduce a person to NFT’s and if you are looking for a place to start, that’s what I would recommend.

I have spent more than 30 years creating unique pieces, mostly in photography, and I’m now curating a selection to design those items into unique artistic pieces and then some of those into NFT’s. Each NFT created is a one of a kind unique item, I don’t create 100’s of copies of the same item, only one of each is minted and sold.

Right now my work is being curated into three different “collections” I’m calling Picd, Paintd, and Flossd. Each of these takes either my photography or a hand cross-stitched work (hand stitched by Deborah Fillmer) as the base work which is then further worked into a unique piece for the world of NFT’s and will only live on the blockchain. Questions?

Are NFT’s or Crypto even real?

Any time I bring these subjects up in mixed company this question comes up and the arguments begin. Well, some people are clearly against it, but there are huge communities that have been built around both. For me personally, I can appreciate both sides of all the crypto/nft argument. I’m much more passionate about the cryptocurrency world for a host of reasons you can read about here, but NFT’s are very interesting as well. I find NFT’s for sports cards fascinating and love the idea, but the prices are so ridiculously high for just a “pack” of cards, who can afford to just “buy a pack” of MLB baseball cards as NFT’s for fun. I hope that part settles down a bit.

For now, I choose to dip my toe in and look around in both worlds. I’ve got a lot more experience in the cryptocurrency world than NFT’s but I find both very interesting.

Current NFT Collections

VW Camper Collective

Marketplace’s for NFT’s

To move around in these marketplaces you will need to connect a wallet to these sites. I have not had great luck doing this through Safari, so my next choice would be Brave Browser, then Chrome, then Firefox. I sell on OpenSea, it’s a great place to start.