Scott Fillmer’s Miscellanies

Miscellanies, borrowed from the theologian Jonathan Edwards, who wrote hundreds of “miscellanies” (see the Miscellanies Index from Yale University), is just that, a collection of various pieces of information, must like his famous resolutions. As I have tried to organize my blog into coherent sections, an about section, categories, and then the various pieces of information that belong in their own group, here. Right now they include my bucket list (now being developed over on my List of Lists page), my resume, and my writings. This includes my writing of various sorts materials from seminary to poetry, and any other items that don’t fit nicely into my blog categories. I also write miscellanies information on my Tumblr blog over at To see other pages and entries in this category just mouse over the “misc” link in the header. You can also go to the various social areas from my page.

To read the various miscellaneous sections just mouse over the drop down menu at the top of this page. The general description of each item is also listed below.

Miscellanies Developed on My Site

  • Writing in Essays, Critique, and Poems
    Here is where my more formal writing is placed. Anything from my seminary research to personal poems I have created from my own pen. Most of my academic writing is placed on this page in the form it took when it was turned in.
  • Copyright Information
    In 2011 I took two unbelievable trips to Uganda. Scroll down this list to get an idea of what an awesome work God is doing in Africa right now.
  • A Sitemap to
    This is how to get around on this site. Every page and archive is linked here on this page, if you are looking for past information this is where it can be found.
  • Disclosure Statement
    At times I make statements that some others may disagree with, imagine that. This is my formal statement for those concerned parties that the statements made here on this site are my own, and not representative of any other organization.