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Working on a Draf of a Poem on Prayer

This page has been in the works for more than 20 years, in my head mostly, but the title and the list below is a play on words between Gibbs’ Rules and Jonathan Edwards Resolutions List of 70 rules he created between 1722-1723 (which might need some grouping or explanation by Desiring God). Since all great men, fiction or theology, seem to have a good set of rules to live by, I have an ongoing running compilation of “resolutions” of my own. I mixed the two individuals above on purpose, because this is meant to be somewhat serious, and somewhat light hearted. If we truly lived by a list of rules a, b, c we start to get into some great legalism issues. The Israelites never could quite live up to the rules (laws) that God gave to Moses (the Torah), which ultimately led to Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. So, while these rules are the ones I find important in life, the ultimate way to live is only found in the 66 canon books of Scripture, period.

These below are a combination of resolutions, proverbs of a sort, guidelines, and wisdom sayings that have come across my way over the years.

  1. Love the Lord your God
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself
  3. Give all glory to God
  4. Pray, continually
  5. Seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6.33)
  6. Do not elevate anything above God (that’s idolatry)
  7. Do not elevate anything other than God above your spouse (that’s idiocy)
  8. Do not waste time, it’s more previous than anything ever known to man
  9. Listen more than you talk
  11. Resolved, never to speak evil of anyone, so that it shall tend to his dishonor him in any way [JE #16]
  12. Respect people’s privacy and property but don’t expect the same in return
  13. Keep data organized
  14. Do not be narcissistic, being self absorbed repels all people, wisdom, and knowledge
  16. Observe nature in contemplation, with God alone
  17. Get ride of more junk than you bring in
  18. Study Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions for wisdom in living
  19. Go off the beaten path, take the long way around once in a while
  20. Collect only knowledge or tools to access knowledge
  21. The customer is not always right, really.
  23. You can learn more from most people than you can teach them if you are open to learning
  24. Do not be dependent on or addicted to anything other than the Lord (Matthew 6:24)
  25. Never argue with an idiot, they will win, in their minds, every time, and learn nothing from your wisdom
  27. Read the Bible in its entirety every year
  28. Code is poetry, write it as such. Organized and within its perimeters.
  29. I reserve the right to grow in wisdom, rethink my position or opinion, and reach a better conclusion
  31. Just because I am older doesn’t mean I know more
  32. Just because they are younger doesn’t mean they know more
  33. Learn from other people’s ideas, but don’t copy them
  35. Experience equals wisdom in most circumstances
  36. Experience and study are far more valuable than someone who “thinks” or “feels” a certain way
  38. People will not like the way you do things. Ignore it when possible and do what you do best.
  40. Having faith doesn’t mean never having doubts or questions, it does mean remaining obedient to God John Ortberg
  41. Follow the Commandments list (God makes lists too)
  42. Listen and take advise on constructive criticism, ignore all non-constructive criticism that is backed by ignorance
  44. There is no such thing as coincidence [GR #39]
  45. Do not listen to un-constructive criticism
  46. Learn from others as much as you can
  48. Do not procrastinate, it is purely the work of the devil himself
  49. Use my photography skills to make a material difference in ministry
  50. The desire to write grows with writing. ~Desiderius Erasmus
  52. Do not argue with someone for the sake of arguing
  54. Read, study, and lean God’s word at a specific time each and every day
  55. Do not let your actions be controlled by someone else’s desires or wishes for themselves
  57. Resolved, never to speak evil of any, except I have some particular good call for it. [[Dec. 19, 1722.]] [JE #36]
  59. Always take time for people who need your help, and if you can’t help, pray for them
  61. Work to not worrying, about anything, let Christ be in control (Matthew 6 and 10)
  62. Think bigger, outside the box, and make more goals