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50 Reasons I Still Love Twitter

The Twitter Profile Page for Scott Fillmer circa 2012

There are some who have tried to convince me Twitter will be dead soon, but they said that about Facebook too. It very well could have a life span like Microsoft and become outdated by something else, but for now, it continues to be the biggest powerhouse in social networking, connecting the world through tragedy and triumph. I have tried to figure out what it is I like about Twitter, and many reasons are so intangible it’s hard to put into a list, but for the sake of having a list, here are a few I can articulate. [Updated 2014]

50 Reasons in 140 Characters or Less Why I Still Love Twitter

  1. It is a huge free flowing stream of live information untainted by big corporations and governments
  2. You can connect to people you would otherwise never have met, and never would meet
  3. Twitter allows you to jump into and out of the conversation at any time
  4. Use it on any device in almost any situation from church to private direct messages with close friends
  5. The simplicity of their structure
  6. The 140 character limit
  7. It supplements and separates long-form blogging and micro-blogging
  8. You read the current breaking news before the news outlets do
  9. The ability for fulfill the Great Commission in the 21st Century culture
  10. No matter who you are you still get the same platform with the same number of characters
  11. Scratch the surface or go deep, both are possible on Twitter
  12. Ability to make a list of favorite tweets using the star function
  13. Learning new things is contagious
  14. Get advice from a huge pool of people
  15. Give advice to a huge pool of people
  16. Unlimited networking opportunities exist where they didn’t before Twitter
  17. Some people just don’t get it, and never will
  18. Trending topics on Twitter are sometimes things I’ve never seen before
  19. Great to use while traveling to find everything from restaurants to beaches
  20. Finding and developing new friendships into deeper relationships (yes this can happen)
  21. Fixes to computer problems are everywhere
  22. Links to sites outside my normal circle give me new and different insights
  23. Collaborate with fellow photographers, writers, and creative types
  24. Share ideas in an open and free platform
  25. Gives you the ability to think creatively when trying to speak in 140 characters
  26. You can share just about anything from the interwebs from Scripture to shoe sizes
  27. It leads a reader to action
  28. It’s truly micro blogging
  29. I can keep up with family members (as long as they use Twitter)
  30. It develops my thinking in ways that couldn’t happen without 1,000’s of other users
  31. Now that Twitter is mainstream, it’s usefulness continues to increase
  32. Networks are taking advantage of the power of Twitter, but it’s still run by individual users
  33. Expanding my photography in mobile platforms has greatly increased my creativity
  34. A place where serious people can think serious thoughts about trivial things [Len Sweet’s #33 via Viral]
  35. Twitter increases both my critical and creative thinking.
  36. Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about. [Twitter’s purpose statement]
  37. To instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them [Twitter’s old purpose statement]
  38. To build a community
  39.  2022 – it’s still here