About Scott Fillmer

Scott Fillmer Self Portrait in Buloba Uganda
Scott Fillmer Self Portrait in Uganda

Welcome to my slice of the Internet. I do like things that fit into nice neat categories so I have organized everything as best as possible here. In all areas I’m focused my main interests, technology (software development), photography, privacy/security, and theology/faith, and (sailing on an aside at the moment). I enjoy helping people navigate and understand a wide range of technology issues especially Internet privacy and security protocols.

On Photography

I have a separate page to discuss my photography, but in short… I’ve had a camera in my hand since circa 1982, and have been studying and active in the art of photography since 1993 when I bought my first “real” camera, a Nikon film camera. I learned how to shoot on film, and I’m grateful for that time and all that it taught me. Today I shoot with whatever I have in my hand at the time, sometimes digital, sometimes film, and most likely it’s my iPhone.

I have lived all over the country, with most of my roots in Alabama, and I call the Auburn/Opelika area home. Over the years I’ve loved my time living in California, Texas, Florida, New York, and various other places, but Auburn will always be home to me. I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over the world from Australia to Uganda and everywhere in between. This has given me a unique perspective on different cultures and ways of life I could never understand without having been there, and it’s impacted my photography tremendously. I’ve studied the greats in the field like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Susan Sontag, Vivian Maier, and so many actively producing photographers like Eric Kim and others, they have all helped shape my style and it continues to develop even after shooting for so many years.

-The best camera is always the one you have with you.

On Technology

I’m passionate about all things related to technology. Lately I’ve taken a deep dive into JavaScript, React and all things software dev, but I’m continually seeking new ways to utilize technology. Technology is something I’ve been drawn to as long as I can remember. My first recall of working on a computer was in the mid-80’s on an IBM DOS driven machine and getting to write some very simple BASIC programs. Most of my work over the years related to technology has come in the form of helping people better understand how to use technology and the freedoms they provide to all people anywhere in the world. I’m one of those who started learning to code (in a serious way) on the other side of 50. It’s hard, it’s a struggle, but I love it.

On Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are two different things. They have some overlap, but both have very different purposes and best practices. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency several years ago and with that it almost necessitates becoming proficient in privacy and security best practices.

On Theology & Faith

Truth: the quality or state of being true, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. There are the truths that I hold as self evident by my own existence on this earth, by observation of a created being, in a created world, of which I am but a very small part. Theology is the study and understanding of those beliefs, my faith in Jesus as Savior is the basis for my theological understandings.

On Sailing

Some day, eventually, I will live on a sailboat. With aspirations to sail the oceans.

Personal Statement

The world today feels quite overwhelming at times. Most people are doing the best they can, and we don’t all have to agree on everything all the time, and I’m ok with that. I respect everyone equally to the very best of my abilities no matter who they are or what they say. I hope you will afford me the same respect as I do you.

I look forward to connecting with you.
[Updated Summer 2022]

War Eagle,

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