Self Portrait in the ShadowsSelf Portrait in the Shadows

Self Portrait in the Shadows

I have opinions. I express those opinions. I do not express opinions on behalf of any other organization. Period. If you don’t want to read any further, that’s it.

How do we separate our person lives from our work life today? Well not very well in some situations. With Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, and all the other aspects of living out our life in the public eye today, more and more people take words out of context, or misuse an opinion stated in a personal capacity for that of an organization as a whole. If I was the CEO of a publicly traded company that would be one thing, but I’m not.

As a paid staff member of Cornerstone Church, I want to make it abundantly clear that the opinions and statements made on this site are my own. I do not speak for any organization on this site other than myself. All content, posts, photography, videos, or anything else that may appear on scottfillmer.com should not reflect any specific opinion from any other organizations as a whole. In addition to this site, ideas expressed any social networking site that bears my username “scottfillmer” or “scottfillmerphotography” are my own.

As with all people alive in our world today, we all have our own convictions, and those can be expressed in many different and conflicting ways. I invest my time in organizations, for the most part, that line up with my overall vision for life. This does not mean that at some point on some level I don’t disagree with people or leaders in those organizations, or the other way around. But I still only speak for myself and no one else.

I think it’s time for all of humanity to listen more, learn from others, and treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve by being alive and breathing. I hold every person with great respect, no matter whether I agree with them or not. I have opinions that are my own, I hope you will respect them, as I try to respect yours as well. We don’t all have to agree on everything. But I still try to listen and respect everyone, I hope you will do the same to me.

If you have any questions about specific statements made here you are always welcome to contact me, I would be more than happy to discuss anything you find on my site.

war eagle,


[Updated May 2019]