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I’ve organized my site around the topics below. You can read more about each category from the links below and see the most recent posts there as well. My main about me page or about my portfolio page are different topics. Click below to read more about my thoughts…

About Uncategorized

The internet today (in 2023 about to be 2024) is all about specificity and getting as narrowed down in life as possible (as it pertains to websites). This is very hard because people are not just one dimensional. They are multi-faceted and uniquely gifted in so many areas. Therefore, I have a category for just my uncategorized parts of life, things that just don’t fit neatly into the other 4 categories.

In reality, life isn’t really all that perfect. We all can’t just narrow down and narrow down until we get to the exact thing we were meant to do and then focus on that one particular thing from then on. So eventually things may be tossed out of this category, there are always things and topics that don’t have anywhere else to go. Probably more times than I can imagine.

Recent Posts

The entire Uncategorized Category list is available if you would like to scroll through all the posts. Below are the three most recent updates to that category.

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Can You Build Subscribers in Such a Saturated Web Space? Is this the most overused word in the Internet writing space these days, a Newsletter? I’ve kinda always hated the word.…

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A Poem a fleeting glance with haughty eyes upon sacred cleansing no surprise in battle but safe, now summ’nd please go home and be a husband duty bound, with you…

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