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About Technology

Technology, the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. I have talents, abilities, and skills, that are unique to me (as do you), because no one else has lived my life. This section of my blog is related to those ideas. I have worked on projects for the largest Internet companies in the world to the smallest local businesses with passion, energy, flexibility, and the ability to think. The right project has nothing to do with money, time, or size, but with desire and passion for the end result.

I’m passionate about all things related to technology. Lately I’ve taken a deep dive into JavaScript, React and all things software dev, but I’m continually seeking new ways to utilize technology. Technology is something I’ve been drawn to as long as I can remember. My first recall of working on a computer was in the mid-80’s on an IBM DOS driven machine and getting to write some very simple BASIC programs. Most of my work over the years related to technology has come in the form of helping people better understand how to use technology and the freedoms they provide to all people anywhere in the world. I’m one of those who started learning to code (in a serious way) on the other side of 50. It’s hard, it’s a struggle, but I love it.

I have 15-20 years of business, customer service, technology, teaching, and Internet research experience. I am always looking for opportunities that will aid and support existing teams to be able to complete their goals more effectively, while continuing my academic research and studies in religion, theology, apologetics, and philosophy.

In the past, I have worked with all office software, blogging platforms, CMS, and Adobe products. Proficient in coding HTML, XML, CSS, and PHP with great working knowledge of JavaScript, React, Node.js, SQL, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP and similar protocols. I have experience with tech support for Mac and PC, very strong social networking skills, general hardware maintenance, software support, mobile computing, and 15+ years as a photographer.

Recent Posts

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