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About Each Category

I’ve organized my site around the topics below. You can read more about each category from the links below and see the most recent posts there as well. My main about me page or about my portfolio page are different topics. Click below to read more about my thoughts…

About Life

What can you say about life itself. It is complex, hard, full of joy, sorrow, pain, and happiness, sometimes all at once. I have made this page as a way to explore this category of life, which is one of my main sections on this site. It also contains a few sub-primers. You can see those on my page list in the map.

It takes time to process life. I will add more here as I figure it out. I have worked out some of My Mission statement which is mostly done. I have a lot to say about this topics and will return to this page often, but for now I need a little more time to figure things on. Until then, my most recent posts are below for you.

Recent Posts

The entire Life Category list is available if you would like to scroll through all the posts. Below are the three most recent updates to that category.