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  • Lightroom Archives: Ivy Creek Trail

    Lightroom Archives: Ivy Creek Trail

    I remember walking through the woods on this trail deep in the woods in Colorado thinking this is the greenest-green I’ve ever seen. Looking at it years later I still think the same thing. Here is the original details with some explanation of the image above if you are interested. This is also near Bachelor Loop, which…

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  • Auburn Basketball Tips Off

    Auburn Basketball Tips Off

    I love the beginning of a sports season. So much anticipation, and everyone is undefeated and is a Final Four contender. Tonight Auburn tips off the 2023-2024 season against AUM so I flipped back through some of my Auburn Basketball archives and came across this sequence from the Auburn vs Alabama game on January 17th…

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  • Aviation Photography Portfolio Update

    Aviation Photography Portfolio Update

    Over the weekend I was able to finish up working on an updated version of my older Aviation Photography Portfolio. The full aviation gallery can be found at Aviation Stories which is the site I’m posting all my updated portfolios on as it allows full high resolution versions. Eventually I may put these in a…

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  • Trying to Start a Newsletter in 2023?

    Trying to Start a Newsletter in 2023?

    Can You Build Subscribers in Such a Saturated Web Space? Is this the most overused word in the Internet writing space these days, a Newsletter? I’ve kinda always hated the word. It depicts such formality. News AND a letter. It also comes with such authoritative knowledge in the chosen topic space. I had questions… Can You…

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  • How to Kill a Soldier

    How to Kill a Soldier

    A Poem a fleeting glance with haughty eyes upon sacred cleansing no surprise in battle but safe, now summ’nd please go home and be a husband duty bound, with you i will remain brothers not yet free from pain in battle not safe, now summ’nd, someone’ll go and be a husband Inspiration This was loosely…

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  • The Making of a Raised Garden Bed for Mint Herbs

    The Making of a Raised Garden Bed for Mint Herbs

    We are starting to get into the super long hot 100° summer days here in Zone 8(b), so we are still planting seedlings. This year we started converting all of our garden beds (for veggies, herbs, or essential oil flowers) to raised beds, because of our super-sandy soil, and this time the Mint family was…

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  • Where Would You Go?

    Where Would You Go?

    If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go? Do daily writing prompts drive you to write more? I love all different kinds of daily writing prompts, sorta. My only gripe is they tend to make assumptions and generalizations in an attempt to hit the biggest audience and to appeal to the most…

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  • Air Force One and a Reason to Still Shoot in RAW

    Air Force One and a Reason to Still Shoot in RAW

    I took this image of Air Force One way back in 2003 at, what was then known as, Las Vegas McCarran Airport, just as it started its takeoff roll. President George W Bush was on board and had flown in a few hours earlier for, apparently, very short meetings. It was an amazing site. His Boeing…

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  • Figs are in Harvest Getting 2-4 Cups a Day

    Figs are in Harvest Getting 2-4 Cups a Day

    We planted a fig tree years ago hoping that some day we might get a fig. Now, this tree provides a ton of shade, but in mid-to-late July, it also produces about 4 processed cups of figs a day. And this goes on for at least a month! As the life cycle seasons of this…

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  • On Technology Iterations

    On Technology Iterations

    I just finished up a set of articles on darkness. This was a group of articles on the subject surrounding darkness. It started as we left the light of Daylight Savings Time and then walked through how to take photos in the dark, our love or hate for “dark mode” on devices, a quick look…

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