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I have several years experience in content creation and several different forms of online writing. Much like I did in photography and video, I found a niche in freelance writing where my skill set meets my experience as a content creator/manager with topics related to technology.

If you are interested in talking to me about content creation for your company please contact me to get the conversation started. You can also learn more about me here.

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I think writing is becoming a lost art in our culture today. And while I don’t claim to be a “writer” in a pulitzer way any more than I claim to be a photographer in the Ansel way, but I am a bit of both. I do like to write, and try to write every day. If I am not writing here in my blog I am writing in a journal which I have kept now (and am converting all of it to a digital medium) for years. Regardless whether the writing you do is perfect or full of grammatical errors, I have found that it becomes priceless as time goes by and memories fade.

Start by reading. A ton. Look for some really high quality writers. Roger Angell is one of my favorite writers. I have a page on reading if you want to see more on some high quality writers.

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Selected Entries From My Journal

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  • Hot Walk Around
  • Spotting in ATL
  • Aviation Photography Spotting at Las Vegas McCarran Airport :: Throwback Thursday
  • What is the Church? 10 Things the Bible Says About the Church
  • The Day Evil Became Visible

If you are interested in journaling I would highly recommend the Day One App, it is basically the industry leader and is hands down the very best option out there. I have used it since the beta days. If you want the best approach to journaling, I use markdown files in iaWriter on my iPhone, it’s the cleanest, most distraction free writing available.