A Rural Shady Grove CME Church

Rural Abandoned Church Shady Grove CME Church Building

Today I’m stepping into the captivating world of forgotten history and rural beauty as we explore several different abandoned buildings in my surrounding area. They are often tucked away behind the veil of pine trees but if you look closely, they appear everywhere, especially in my local area.

I love these old rural abandoned buildings. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to their history, or how they ended up here when people moved on. During this time in history more people were moving to the bigger cities and newer urban areas, but the buildings often remained.

I have several of these small photo shoots ready to post, so if this is your jam stay tuned. As it goes in photography, I had done these shoots a while back and never got around to posting them, but the abandoned building images always feel pretty timeless. I do have a collection of posts that showcase different rural ares, more rural decay posts, and some abandoned buildings, but

I’m also putting together a portfolio of church buildings called The Church where this one will find a home. If you are interested you can also see a portfolio called Rural Decay Portfolio which I’m still working on.

About Shady Grove CME

These photos today are the only structure I could find next to the Shady Grove CME Church sign out in the middle of Lee County. This church was founded in 1870, and there were some concrete pieces on the ground (not many) that I’m guessing was another structure that is no longer there. Unfortunately, I could not find any information about this church at all, at least no facts that I could confirm are correct. The only reference I could find to this church at all was in a Lee County Historical listing of churches, and this is the correct church as the GPS coordinates are correct.

Photographs Selected

The images below are only exterior because there were locks on all the “doors” so I did not venture inside. I would have loved to have seen what it looked like inside, but I would have had to break something to do so and I wasn’t going to go that far to see the inside. Eventually those bolts are going to just rot out of the door frames though. The rusty colors of the siding imposed on the green grass and blue sky just caught my attention in these shots. I love photos that I can basically narrow down to 2-3 colors, I find them much less distracting.

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