Aviation Photography Portfolio Update

Delta Airlines 737-300 in PDX

Over the weekend I was able to finish up working on an updated version of my older Aviation Photography Portfolio. The full aviation gallery can be found at Aviation Stories which is the site I’m posting all my updated portfolios on as it allows full high resolution versions. Eventually I may put these in a public download area, but I’m not there quite yet.

In 2023 I started the process of updating all my genre specific photography portfolios with all new edits and in the highest resolution available, and the aviation, well, it was in the A’s so it was one of the first one to get updated. I forgot how daunting it is to work through 30 years and almost a million images, but I’m making good but slow progress.

I’m always amazed at the images I find that haven’t ever seen the light of day, so to speak. The cover image here is a Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-347 in their classic livery which first flew on December 12th 1986. After flying a full life it was scrapped in 2006. I took this image in November 2002 sitting on the taxiway at PDX waiting for clearance. You can see the age on the paint by the doors at this point in its life. This is an image I’ve never posted before. It had never even been looked at somehow being missed in my original edit back in the early 2000’s. This has to be my favorite livery Delta has ever used, it’s such a classic look for Delta. Here are a few others that are being posted for the first time below.

This is just a sample from the main gallery so if you are interested in seeing the rest you can head over to the Aviation Stories and see the larger versions there. There are more to come, I have over 100 different types of photography portfolios I will be updated over the next 12-24 months.

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