A Quick Review of the Readwise App

Readwise App Review

I read a lot more now than I did years ago. Still not as much as I would like, but enough to consider myself a reader. Apps to accompany reading-specific-communities have been pretty limited over the years to Goodreads, which was purchased by Amazon, and then forgotten. I’m still on there with a few other people. It could be great. But it’s not.

Readwise is not a huge community based application, but it is one of the best apps I’ve ever used with regards to reading. The value it delivers to in the form of its Daily Review is amazing. The Readwise app pulls in all your Kindle highlights, articles, books, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, Twitter, all kinds of things, and then puts it in a short daily email called Your Daily Readwise.

This was a great snippet in my email the other day.

Living Life Backward by David Gibson

We live forward. Ecclesiastes teaches us to live life backward. It encourages us to take the one thing in the future that is certain—our death—and work backward from that point into all the details and decisions and heartaches of our lives, and to think about them from the perspective of the end. It is the destination that makes sense of the journey. If we know for sure where we are heading, then we can know for sure what we need to do before we get there. Ecclesiastes invites us to let the end sculpt our priorities and goals, our greatest ambitions and our strongest desires. (View Book on Amazon)

I love that. Let the end sculpt our priorities and goals. It’s so easy to let distractions rule the day. The brilliance, and therefore value, of this snippet to me is I may have read this years ago, one time, and then it was forgotten. Readwise made me un-forget it.

That’s the genius of this app. The ability to send you a customized email called the “Daily Review” which gives you 5 “highlights” and a bonus items similar to your other highlights. I started using the Kindle App for reading years and years ago, so I have highlights going back so far that when I get the snippets in my Daily Review it may have been years since I’ve seen them.

Readwise has a few quirks to it. You pretty much have to use a Chromium based browser like Chrome or Brave to do the import on an extension. But once you have it up and running and connected, it works like a charm. Readwise also isn’t free, but they have really good reasons for charging what they do and software development isn’t free. If you are a reader, there isn’t another app I could recommend more highly than Readwise.io. Check it out for at least the free trial. You won’t be disappointed.

This isn’t a paid sponsorship, this is just my own opinion on an app I love to use. I will probably do a full review sometime down the road. If you choose to start a free trial from my post you and I will get a free month of Readwise.

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