A Fresh Update for a Post Pandemic Time

Emily Hiding Under a Chair

We certainly aren’t post pandemic yet, but surely someday we will be, I hope. My blog hasn’t necessarily been hiding under a chair like my cat, but it hasn’t been far off from that reality either. Last year, among other things, we worked hard on building a backyard pond, (Deborah’s blog has kept up with that way better than I have) but now it’s cold and who wants to work outside in the cold. So it has been a really long time since I’ve done an update and refresh of my blog, and it finally came time for that change. There is something about the changing of a year, and as 2022 arrived I decided I was not going to put off doing some of those things I’ve always enjoyed doing any longer.

For the last year or so I’ve been mainly working on my .com site and different image portfolios like black and white, color photography, etc over at scottfillmer.com which is not focused on writing but images. This site is where I get to focus on both. While I haven’t updated here in a while, it’s never been far from my mind, and I pretty much never stop writing. For years and to this day I probably write 1,000-2,000 words a day in some form or fashion, a habit that seems to never want to fully leave me, so this blog has always been an open form that combines writing and photography of some kind.

Along with my blog, I’ve updated a few other areas that get me away from the big social networking sites. In my obsession with Internet privacy, security, and web3 stuff I’m trying to stick to more of the places that I build myself than on the places that take and use like Facebook, Twitter, etc., more on the things I’m interested in instead of what the feeds are interested in me seeing. I’ve added a new NFT site over on sftokens.io which is an image or photography based site but focused on designing images and photography for NFT’s, the blockchain, or just for me to explore new ways to interact with my photography. That site is just getting started right now but I hope to continue to add new content to it over the course of 2022 and see where it goes from there.

For blogging or writing I’ve updated this site of course, but I’ve also added a micro blogging platform. I’ve really come to really appreciate micro.blog for it’s ease and simplicity and my page over there is hosted at slf.micro.blog which consists of shorter more frequent posts. That’s about it for now. I’m looking forward to great things in 2022, hopefully with a little more love given to my blog this year.

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