Fresh Fog with

Heavy Fog at Sunrise

What a great time to be on the internet right now. It feels like a time back in the day when really cool and exciting things were being created faster than you could figure out. In 2022 we’re on the cusp of another internet revolution. This time it’s a decentralized, web3, crypto baked in blockchain with endless possibilities just on the horizon. I’m somewhere between Photography and NFT’s and The Case Against Crypto and love learning about new tech.

In my relentless search for the best parts of the internet I finally came across through a post by @gruber and it was just what i was looking for. A super simple, clean ui at the cross roads between long form blogging like WordPress and all the other overused social networking sites.

I’ll be doing short quick updates here, usually including some type of photography or technology based discussion that might be a foggy sunrise shot on my iPhone, or trying to figure out airdrops and nft’s. You can find me in other spaces too like or my blog at or my current NFT site at and maybe some unstoppable domain eventually. For now, this will be my one long form entry here, I’ll go micro next time.

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