M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta

The Cornerstone M25 Team

There are several entries that have been sitting in my drafts for a while that I’ve trying to get posted, and this happens to be one of them. M25 Mission Camp is a youth missional organization in Atlanta that works with the homeless in a way I’ve rarely seen over the years. It wasn’t the first youth trip for me, but it was the first one in a while, and I was amazed with every aspect of the experience, mainly because it changed perceptions and perspectives on life and serving others well. This video we produced can explain it better than I can here. For now, there are some images that shows a little of the week we spent trying to love others well.

The Cornerstone M25 Team
The team on the last day as we prepare to head back to Auburn
Playing with the Kids in Atlanta
M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta serving the kids.
Overlooking an Atlanta Freeway
Walking across the freeway in serving the homeless in Atlanta under the freeway
Playing with Kids in Atlanta
M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta serving the kids.
Visiting Apartments in Atlanta
M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta serving the kids.
Preparing Meals in Atlanta
The Mission team making lunches in preparation to serve the homeless
Prayer Before Heading Out
Our group prays with Seven Bridges before they head out to serve the homeless
Serving Under the Bridges
Seven Bridges leads the group in how to serve the homeless well under the bridges
Playing Games at the Shelter
Our team joins the shelter in loving others through conversation and games

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