Toomer’s Drugs and the Streets of Auburn

College Street Phone

This week I finally had a few spare minutes to get downtown to take some street shots. I’ve been wanting to practice up on my black and white technique and revisit street photography for a long time but just never made time to do it. Auburn is generally a fantastic place for street photography for several reasons; people are super friendly (almost overly so which also has it’s challenges in shooting), there is almost always something going on that makes for interesting subjects (especially during football season), and it’s a small condensed area so you can cover a lot of ground by foot quickly.

This time I purposely picked an afternoon when the streets were basically empty to try out some different compositional ideas without getting in someone’s way. Obviously it’s a little difficult to get some good contextual street photography action without anyone really being in town, but I felt a few images worked in this set. I am continually amazed at the intricacies of black and white photography and I love how complex it is after spending decades shooting only in color. Retraining the brain to think in black and white, learning to see in black and white; it’s all so much more than taking a color image and hitting the black and white button in Lightroom. It’s a whole other world out there as they say, and something I’m looking forward to learning in great detail over the next several years.

Toomer's Corner in Auburn
The famous Toomer’s Corner Drugstore in Auburn in the summer
College Street Phone
The crosswalk between College and Magnolia in Auburn
Walking Talking
Strolling down the sidewalk in the summer heat in Auburn
Strolling Heat
Strolling down the sidewalk in the summer heat in Auburn
Walking the Dog
Walking the dog in the summer in front of Samford Hall in Auburn
The Iconic Photo
The most photographed icon in Auburn at the Univeristy Sign in front of Samford Hall

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