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Month: July 2016

  • M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta

    M25 Mission Camp in Atlanta

    There are several entries that have been sitting in my drafts for a while that I’ve trying to get posted, and this happens to be one of them. M25 Mission Camp is a youth missional organization in Atlanta that works with the homeless in a way I’ve rarely seen over the years. It wasn’t the…

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  • An Auburn Alley or Two

    An Auburn Alley or Two

    As of late I seem to be going from one day shooting thousands of images of an event to shooting almost nothing. Shooting nothing serious for days drives me nuts. But those are the times I try to get out of my comfort zone, slow down, and tackle subjects that have no deadlines, that interest…

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  • Rural Decay Photo Ops in the South

    Rural Decay Photo Ops in the South

    I have a few projects I’m kicking off on my blog and one of them is The Rural Decay Project. I’ve been interested in this topic for a while now, and have made some loose attempts at photographically capturing these images but until recently without much cohesiveness that one needs to tell a story. I…

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  • Toomer’s Drugs and the Streets of Auburn

    Toomer’s Drugs and the Streets of Auburn

    This week I finally had a few spare minutes to get downtown to take some street shots. I’ve been wanting to practice up on my black and white technique and revisit street photography for a long time but just never made time to do it. Auburn is generally a fantastic place for street photography for…

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