The Humble Prayer of a Ugandan Girl

Scott and Joanita in Uganda

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving again. I haven’t had a chance to post here nearly as much as I would like over the last few weeks, but that’s been the story of my days lately. Every time I get so busy running from meeting to meeting something bumps into me with a little perspective, like this letter above from our girl in Uganda.

I love reading these letters from Joanita, our sponsor child in Uganda. They mean a lot to both of us, even more so since I have had a chance to meet her a few times and know where she lives and where she goes to school. Every time we get a letter from her she makes sure to let me know that she is praying for us, and that blows my mind. I can’t really think too deeply about this because after a while I’m just dumbfounded about what we complain about, and even more what things take up our time here in this land of plenty.

When I read her letters it makes me stop and think about who is praying for me, and who am I praying for? Is it a trivial passing glance or have I made time today for things that are eternally important, not just the mundane task driven daily routine that is so hard to break out of at times. Even though she will probably never know how much I appreciate her prayers just knowing that a little girl 10,000 miles away who sleeps on a dirt floor is praying for me humbles my day.

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2 responses to “The Humble Prayer of a Ugandan Girl”

  1. Sarah Marchio Avatar
    Sarah Marchio

    Oh my goodness, what a precious letter! Time to stop complaining about ANYTHING and be thankful for all God has blessed us with. You are blessed to have her a part of your life.

  2. S Joe Avatar
    S Joe

    She’s got a beautiful smile and a humble spirit. Precious!

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