Parting Shots for Auburn vs Texas A&M

Auburn Golden Eagle Nova

It’s not like anyone ever wants to remember a 63-21 total blowout like what happened on Saturday, but there is more to life than football, even in the south. I’m not just saying that because we have only one single win against a ULM team we probably should have lost to, I said that in 2010 when we won the National Championship as well. That doesn’t mean people, media, fans, and the like can’t be brutal when Auburn doesn’t win every single game, or a single game, just look at the cover of the OANews below, but it’s still not the end of the world as we know it (just ask the 1952 fans).

There have been a few things this football year that have been interesting and fun. I did finally get a decent shot of Nova, Auburn’s Golden Eagle from the Raptor Center (below), and last Saturday we have 4 F-16’s do a flyover at the game for military appreciation week. The flyover was rare for Jordan-Hare Stadium lately (see my iPhone video of the flyover here), I can’t remember the last one we had, and they actually didn’t really even fly that low and loud either. I didn’t stick around for the parachuting team that jumped at halftime in the dark blustering cold, but all the military appreciation fanfare was outstanding. This may have been a day to forget the score and the game forever, true, but it’s fall in the south. We were blessed with being able to see with our eyes and hear with our ears yet another day the Lord had made.

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3 responses to “Parting Shots for Auburn vs Texas A&M”

  1. Lisaman Avatar

    I gave up crying about team losses long ago…I still support them but it’s no tears if they lose!! 😉

  2. WarEagle36804 Avatar

    Sadness. Oh well, there’s always basketball season to look forward. Killed our exhibition opponent 108-57. Now if we can keep doing that in the regular season….

  3. Kerry Solis Avatar

    The graphics were appreciated by ActionTrip, which found it “really hard not to drool over this game”, commending the game’s design and art team for doing a fabulous job on every location that appeared in the single-player campaign.

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