Deb’s Hand Made Smocked Dresses for the Girls

Hand Made Smocked Dresses by Deborah Fillmer

I am continually amazed at the ability and care Deborah puts into each of her handmade dresses and other creations (see also her Etsy Store). If you are looking for some incredible heirloom quality dresses, or just a casual dress to wear to the Auburn football games (or insert your school name and logo here), I don’t know where you could find a better seamstress (she even creates christening gowns and the like).

Anyway, the above photo was just her latest creation for two of our nieces. Deb worked on these gems for about 3 weeks for a birthday present for Abby and Martha above. I can’t wait to see what she makes next. If you have any thought about getting something for football season don’t wait, there might be a waiting list.

2 responses to “Deb’s Hand Made Smocked Dresses for the Girls”

  1. I am so glad you are my husband! Thanks for the love and support! 🙂


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