Update on Photo Project 365 from March 2012 :: P365.me

Project 365 March 2012

Just wanted to post a quick update to my Project 365 (also known this year in the gallery as P365.me :2012), which was started back on November 29th 2011. Today makes Day 127 on a project that has been on My List for years and years now. Taking at least one unique photo every day seems to be a simple, easy thing, but in reality when you really start to attempt something like this you quickly see how many things can get in the way. Honestly the only thing making this possible for me at this point is my iPhone, otherwise, time would have its way. I would say 80-85% of all my P365.me images have come from my iPhone, and without it, this project would most likely be all but impossible. For a more detailed explanation visit my Project 365 page.

The image above represents March 2012. This is one reason why I really wanted to do this project and stick with it. It is a snap shot (literally) of a month in time. I try to make each shot unique, but when you get buried into the depths of routine sometimes it hard, and you end up with a lot of shots in the car, and of the dog. The cool thing is, I can remember every single shot, where I was, what I was doing, and so on, and I can do the same thing for shots I took 10 years ago. Images are such a powerful reminder of time and place.

[On a side note, I have several pre-dated posts that go along with this one that are finally ready to go on the blog. Between that and me having to manually re-code each blog post from my transfer from wordpress.org to wordpress.com my rss readers are going to still get some old updates. I’m sorry for spamming my rss readers, I wish there was a way for me to change it until all the updates are done, but there isn’t, sorry. I’m trying to get all the posts updated, time permitting, so it will stop hammering my rss feed.]

8 responses to “Update on Photo Project 365 from March 2012 :: P365.me”

  1. I love these! A friend of mine just competed her 365 day project. She’s been putting them into a coffee table book. I’d encourage you to do the same. Wonderful memories for others to look through. You’ve got some wonderful pictures.


    1. thanks so much… i think i have probably come close to doing this for the better part of 10 years but this year is going to be it! 🙂


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  3. […] Update on Photo Project 365 from March 2012 :: P365.me (scottfillmer.com) […]


  4. […] Update on Photo Project 365 from March 2012 :: P365.me (scottfillmer.com) […]


  5. […] Update on Photo Project 365 from March 2012 :: P365.me (scottfillmer.com) […]


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