Photowalk with My Nephew’s First DSLR a Nikon D3100 Camera :: Friday Feet

Feet Reflection in the Pond

I think I was just about as excited as he was. Today my nephew and I made the trek over to my favorite store, Best Buy, and picked up his first Nikon DSLR Camera, a Nikon D3100 that he has been saving and working for (you have to love the lady in the background of the Best Buy shot, she was hilarious). My Friday Feet shot was a play on my previous Friday Feet post with my iPhone (Reflections on the Grey Days of Fall in the South :: Friday Feet), with a slightly different flare since my nephew came with me. This photo essay is basically his first few minutes with his new camera. After we did the grand unboxing we took it out on a Photowalk around the back of the property where there is always something new to shoot. My nephew is long on his way to becoming an incredible photographer, especially in the area of astrophotography, can’t wait to see what he can do with the D3100 since he has been using a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS and taking some incredible shots with that point and shoot.

This time around we came across this orange blob gooey thing on a Cedar tree I had never seen before (see last photo). Turns out it’s called Cedar Apple Rust Fungus. Also known as Gymnosporangium juniper virginianae by genus name from the fungus Scirrhia acicola. Always something new, and apparently we want to keep the Cedar Apple Rust Fungus away from our apple trees in the back yard, good to know.

Jacob at Best Buy with His New Nikon D3100
Jacob Gets His First Camera
Jacob with His New Nikon D3100
Jacob the Photographer
Nikon D3100 and Spring Thistle Weed
Jacob Taking Photos
Spring Thistle Weed
Photowalk in the Woods
Photowalk with Jacob
Water Lily in the Rain
Lilis on the Pond
Cedar Apple Rust Fungus
Jacob Taking Photos
Feet Reflection in the Pond
Friday Feet Reflections
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  1. An Unorganized Mind Avatar

    Absolutely Brilliant! Love it.

    1. Scott Fillmer Avatar

      thanks so much!

      1. An Unorganized Mind Avatar

        Of course!

  2. S Joe Avatar
    S Joe

    Awesome shots especially the one where your nephew is walking in the woods.

    1. Scott Fillmer Avatar
  3. […] photo above is a photo of me with my Nikon D3100, taken by my uncle (see Photowalk with My Nephew’s First DSLR a Nikon D3100 Camera :: Friday Feet). Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted […]

  4. […] post. After saving up and getting his first Digital SLR camera, a Nikon D3100 (see the post here where we went to pick up his camera), he quickly realized that he wanted a place to post his photos other than his Flickr account page […]

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