Auburn Tigers Basketball vs LSU Ends Home Season :: Photos

Another Auburn basketball season has come to a close, at least they played the last home game today, against LSU. This season was completely different than last year of course, and while it doesn’t look like the team will make the tournament again this year, we thoroughly enjoyed the season. The photo of Deb and I is basically the same photo I took at the last home game last year, with another year added to our total.

We have really come to love basketball season, for a host of reasons. Each year this game is one of those yearly markers, like July 4th or something, where we can look back over the previous year and see what life was like at this time last year. I’m not sure why that is, it’s just a basketball game, perhaps it’s because we have been through 5-6 full seasons together now since we came to Auburn, and we can remembers years past. We usually see the same group(s) of people at the Auburn basketball games each year, and while the students and players keep changing, it’s nice to see those “basketball friends” again. Until next year in Auburn Arena, War Eagle!

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