Auburn Tigers Football vs Alabama Crimson Tide 2011 :: Photos

Sunset of Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn

Well it was not that great of a game today but it was still great to be at the game at least. Another regular season has come and gone, can’t believe it. I decided today I would leave the camera at home and just go enjoy the game, but of course I didn’t leave home without my phone. I have always loved trying to do some actual photography with my cell phone over the years. It creates more of a challenge but also forces you to get creative.

All the shots in this post came from my iPhone, my favorite being the shot above when the sun was just about to go behind the west stands of the stadium. The clouds made it perfect, especially with the lights on and “Champions 2010” reflecting off the windows. It was another unforgettable season (not for the same reasons as last year), now it’s time to wait and see where Auburn ends up going for a bowl game.

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  1. Angie Bland Avatar
    Angie Bland

    Very Cool WDE

  2. Jason Avatar

    Nice pics! What app did you use on your iphone?

  3. Scott Fillmer Avatar

    @jason for the most part I use one called Camera+ which does a pretty good job at post processing but has it’s limitations 🙂

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