Day 1 on the Ground in Uganda Starts Today

Well, I’m not actually sure if this is day 1 or 2 or 3 or what but that’s how everyone else over here starts counting. We were able to get to the guest house last night about 1am local time and we did get to sleep around 2am. I am not sure I have ever taken a longer set of flights from one starting point to the next. Combined I think it ended up being almost 38 hours from house to house. It was great getting to travel with a group of guys and that part of the trip made it much easier than if you were trying to traverse all this alone. I have a tons of photos already but I will leave you with my favorite from the day so far, my roommate and resident neanderthal man, Mark Fuller. The two wonderful ladies who made and served us breakfast is Lillian and Jennifer, they had a great time with the team that just left, looking forward to getting to know them as well.

The trip from the airport at midnight to the house was something of shock overload and sensory explosion. I have been all over the world and been driven around in rickshaw’s in Bangkok and haven’t seen anything like the “traffic flow” they have going on over here. It was quite something at night, looking forward to actually being able to see the road today (they were on power blackouts all over the city last night so it was VERY dark).

As I write this we are all getting ready to head out. It’s 9am local time and there are more soccer (football) balls, goals, and everything else ready to head down to Buloba. Until tomorrow or whenever.

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  1. Following your mission trip – Thanks for the pictures and updates.


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