An Incredible and Indescribable Day in Uganda Today

This day was so packed full but it was such an incredible day I’m not even sure how to describe it yet. I had to post a photo of the traffic because it is the most unreal thing I have ever seen, not even the photo does the slight justice to the actual experience of traffic in Kampala. Our day tomorrow is even more packed full and I will I could post a thousand photos, but here are a few since I may not be able to post tomorrow. In total I took 4,209 photos TODAY so I haven’t even really gone through them at all, I just picked a few as I scrolled through them. Until next time, God bless.

One response to “An Incredible and Indescribable Day in Uganda Today”

  1. Looking forward to following your amazing journey. We are praying for you all during this trip. (Bo’s sister)


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