The Fillmer Birthday Party from October 1953 :: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday today is from October 1955 and would be Larry Fillmer’s 7th birthday party. I just love these old black and whites. Apparently back in the mid-50’s you dressed up for a birthday party since one of them is wearing a suit and bow-tie and I love the card table, which was probably literally used as a card table. I’m not too sure about any of the history behind this photo, and the only reason I am saying the date is 1953 is because there are 7 candles on the cake, otherwise, there was no date or anything else on the photo. I’m sure someone in the family will tell me a little more about the image, but I’m almost 100% sure that’s my dad as the birthday boy from the way he is dressed, watch and all… always a snappy dresser. Pretty sure that is his brother Les Fillmer standing to the right of Larry.

So it seems, I’ve now been told, the photo was taken in Birmingham in an area called Oak Hills in Central Park, the puppets were Howdy Doody Puppets, and yes, they apparently played cards on that card table.

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  1. Barbara Fillmer Avatar
    Barbara Fillmer


    I’m catching up on computer items I missed while away. In this picture, Les is the 2nd one to Larry’s right, not directly to the right (as you look at the picture). Les had very light blond hair when he was little. Notice he isn’t as dapper as your dad in his outfit!

    Love your pix!



  2. Great photo, Scott, I remember it well! That is the backyard of the Fillmer house, 4405 Avenue L, Oak Hills (Ensley). Your dad could positively confirm the identities, but I believe those in the picture are: (l-r) TOM(MY) COLLIER, HENRY GIBBS, MIKE SMITH (behind Henry), LARRY FILLMER, MILES COLEMAN, LES FILLMER, HARRY GIBBS. The “Howdy Doody” puppets were actually washcloths (and there might be one remaining somewhere in my “archives”…Antiques Roadshow, here we come!)


    1. super… thanks for the run down that’s great. Can’t believe you would still have those puppets, that’s hilarious.


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