Chewacla State Park Waterfall in Springtime :: Photos

This past weekend I took a quick trip over to Chewacla State Park just outside Auburn. Springtime is just about gone since this week has reached into the high 90’s and everything now looks bleached out and crisp (no rain tends to do that too). I have been trying to test out some new photo gear for sharpness and contrast etc, so why not choose scenes that are impossible to capture correctly. High sun with fast water (bleach white) on black rocks doesn’t make for easy metering, but it was still nice to get out and shoot something different. The waterfall is at the very end of the park, and is a nice short but hefty hike. The dam from Lake Chewacla feeds into this small-ish waterfall which sends a good bit of water downstream. There is always something different to shoot out at Chewacla, this day it was the waterfall. The EXIF data can be found over on my Flickr site if interested.

4 responses to “Chewacla State Park Waterfall in Springtime :: Photos”

  1. Oh my gosh, these are beautiful!!


  2. I enjoyed shooting that day with you! Here are the two of mine that I like.


    1. yeah i had a blast too, except for the steep hike up back to the car lol


  3. Really nice, Scott! I have been looking at the 1st 2 pages of Google – including pics and video of the waterfall I plan to visit this weekend. Your photos were by far my favorite. Thanks for sharing…


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